My Experience after using DEXBOT for 2 weeks

2 years ago

Happy new month smokers, as its a month of love and surely its the month when the bulls will show love to the price of cryptos. The month of February is filled with so many activities and events especially in my country Nigeria, as we will be heading to the Polls to elect our leaders for the next Four years, there have been lots of publicity and campaign on going which gives me little or no time to concentrate on whats going on various blockchain projects even trading crypto currencies has been a challenging, that why when i discovered Dexbot for auto trading on bitshare Dex and its forks Rudex, Escodex , i was so enthusiasts and relieve as because i have been searching for how to get a bot to help me in trading so i can always be trading even while am not online and the good part is it always have winning trades with more profit, now i have a worker who is always stoned and always making sure i don't miss my target price making me profit.


For the past 3 month i have been trying to help build liquidity for the price of smoke as its obnoxious for content creator( Miners) to want to sell his token after putting lots of time, energy and resources to mine smoke coin only to find out that no one is ready to buy his/ her token, it will discourage lots of users, so with the little resources i have will try to be buying more tokens on a weekly base because i will like to see smoke trading at 10BTS/SMOKE before the end of this year. With dexbot i think we can create a strong price support zone as from my little analysis there have been lots of dumpers more than pumpers, but not going in too deep on whats happening in the market.
My selected trade strategy is valley mode as the BOT marks from order from the current price with a 7% spread on the buy order and 10% on sell order, but that is no news as we all know the price fluctuates in respect to demand and supply. The only issue am having with the dex bot is that you have to leave your internet connection and you system on in order for the bot to be able to replaced filled/ executed orders and thats kind of challenging especially in my country Nigeria where there is no constant electricity supply as power outtage tends to stop the bot from running when there is no power supply. Fast forwarding 20 days after setting up my Bot these happened.


login to my account today i discovered that all my BUY orders has been filled from my entry price: 0.8 BTS/SMOKE and there was no more BTS token as the price of smoke slides towards the south and filled all my orders. :grinning: sitting at 0.47 BTS/SMOKE now am left with enough smoke coin, placed on the SELL order book, and have to wait for the price to smoke its way back to the north or alternatively when i get my pay check by Monday to pump it back back to where i started from , i will like to see the price of smoke this month trading above ATH.

I will like to thank the team who created the DexBot but will act like Oliver and demand for more, if i new how to write codes would have done it myself, will like to see mobile Dexbot as most internet users are mainly mobile users and as its cheaper and easier to to operate and thus are not able to use Dexbot because its only for PC users, if mobile version is created i guarantee more trade volume as most people use their mobile device more than their Computer system.

order book.PNG

Dex bot has been a helper in my trading life these days and if we truely want to get more liquidity to smoke market i suggest most passive users of the blockchain should set it up, as the volatility of the price and liquidity of smoke coin trading will attract , more traders and investors and also make smoke coin visible again on coinmarketcap.

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Dexbot setup guide:
Staggered orders strategy:

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youve really been busy , dont worry all will be well soon

The bots are actually driving price down currently.


it has helped in stabilizing the price of smoke anytime any of my sell order is filled it automatically place an new buy order less than the price i sold there by stabilizing the price


No, general markets are bearish.


yea general market dump, especially BTC and ETH

There are alot of apps and bots that will populate once the smoke network gets maturity with the passage of time.


i mean DEXBOT Application for mobile device so the bot can always be active, especially in regions where there is no constant electricity.

Well done!

Maybe your orders where to big for your bankroll?


probably but i think its the dump i the price of smoke made my 10 marked priced to be filled price dumped more than 50%


Price dumps over 50% are not unusual in the crypto market.
Your price center was a bit too optimistic.


over a month from 1bts/smoke to 0.5


This is total normal in crypto.