Top 10 Benefits to New Zealand after Full Legalisation of Cannabis and Hemp

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3 months ago

New Zealand moved a step closer towards the full legalisation of Marijuana in December 2018. The government relaxed laws regulating the use and growth of marijuana seeds. The December 2018 Act issued directives to legalise the use of Marijuana among terminally ill patients.

This decision was based on the long-standing medical research which showed that Marijuana consumption could significantly reduce pain for those who are terminally ill and nearing the end of their lives. These regulations also permit companies to manufacture medical marijuana products. Marijuana farmers, who had earlier been doing this illegally, will now be in a position to cultivate marijuana plants legally and gain considerable profits.

The ban on the use of marijuana has not been fully lifted. The minister of justice clarified that the full turn around legislation on Marijuana could only be done after the referendum. This referendum is scheduled to take place in 2020 during the General Elections in New Zealand. The New Zealanders will have the freedom to endorse or oppose the use of this product in New Zealand.

The growth of Marijuana plants and the processing of the related products have the potential to benefit New Zealand greatly. Below are the top 10 benefits which New Zealand will reap after the full legalisation of Marijuana:

1. Increased Tax Revenue
The New Zealand government stands to benefit greatly from the full legalization of cannabis and Hemp. It is estimated that the full ban-lift of the growth and use of marijuana products will increase the tax revenue by $5 billion. Such an increase has the potential to positively affect the ability of the government to deliver goods and services to its citizens. 

2. Government Saving Funds Directed Towards Marijuana Prohibition
The government allocates huge budgets towards the control of the growth and distribution of marijuana. Such enforcement funds will not be needed once the marijuana use is fully legalized. The enforcement budget could then be directed towards other areas such as rehabilitation of marijuana addicts, health care, and research on the health benefits of marijuana. 

3. Reap Significant Health Benefits
Marijuana, especially the black diamond strain, has been scientifically shown to have great health benefits. There are over 20 medical benefits associated with black diamond strain and gorilla glue strain. Some of these include control of cancer cell growth, prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, treatment of glaucoma, and provision of pain relief to arthritis patients.
Other medical benefits include epileptic seizure control, reducing pain associated with multiple sclerosis, and reduction of Dravet’s Syndrome symptoms.

4. More Income and Jobs
Marijuana business is a sector by itself. It touches on recreational, medical, and industrial applications. Such a wide array of applications of marijuana plants is bound to increase the number of jobs in the country and lift the income levels of those engaged directly or indirectly in the growth, processing, and distribution of marijuana products.

5. Investment opportunities

The legalization of marijuana will create huge investment opportunities for both New Zealand citizens and even foreign investors. Such investments are what the country needs to improve its annual GDP and empower more citizens economically.

6. Reduction of the Price of Cannabis and Associated Products

The black market is controlled by mafias and other underground groups. The price of cannabis products in this black market is not standardised. Due to the consisted effort made towards the ban on the growth of marijuana plants and various strains like mk ultra, etc., the supply is usually limited. 

Such a low level of supply drives the demand quite high leading to high marijuana prices. If cannabis and hemp are fully legalized, the production will significantly increase pulling the prices down. There will also be opportunities for the government to standardize the prices.

7. Create Incentive for Scientific Research Directed on Marijuana Applications and Its Medical Potential

The potential of marijuana has not yet fully being comprehended. There are reliable pointers that the product can open up new discoveries in the medical field if more effort is directed towards research. 

But there has been little to no incentive to carry out extensive research on the product due to its ban. Those who are engaged in cannabis research have limited options and funding sources. However, after its full legalization, scientists interested in conducting research on marijuana and its related strains such as black diamond will have a better incentive and it will also be easier for them to raise research funds.

8. Break the Stigma Associated with Cannabis Addiction

Those who suffer from cannabis addiction do so secretly and rarely do they open up on their struggles and seek professional assistance. There are few established institutions which can admit cannabis addicts and help them regain their health. The legalization of cannabis and hemp will break this stigma and create more forums where the negative effects of marijuana can openly be discussed and solutions recommended.

9. Improve the Livelihood of the Agricultural Maori People
The indigenous Maori people have often been sidelined when it comes to national development. By fully legalizing this product, the Maori people who have long been known to grow marijuana plants will be advantaged. Their agriculturally rich land will best suit marijuana growth and this could contribute greatly towards the empowerment of the Maori farmers.

10. Improved Quality and Safety of Marijuana products
Once the cannabis and hemp growth and use have been fully legalized, standards will be developed to be adhered to by those involved in the industry. Such standards are important in ensuring the quality of products and curbing the proliferation of substandard marijuana products. 

The full legalization of the growth of cannabis sativa plants and the distribution of the related products will bring significant benefits to New Zealand. These benefits will touch on the economy, the health sector, and the general populace who stand to benefit from quality marijuana products, higher income, and more jobs.

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