Marijuana strengthens the immune system -

6 months ago

Marijuana strengthens the immune system and kills cancer cells, German doctors found out!
Hard to believe, but still ...

Scientists have long been saying that marijuana strengthens the immune system and fights cancer.

Studies in mice have proven that hemp kills cancer cells without affecting healthy cells. So far, no clinical trials of hemp on people with skin cancer and other types of oncology have been conducted.

It remains only to take the word to people who claim that the plant helped them recover from cancer.
“I saw hemp cure leukemia, lymphomas, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer. I saw how it helped with various forms of cancer, and I saw how it ended in nothing,” says the professor Biology Robert Melamed.

It has long been proven: marijuana eases the symptoms of cancer - eliminates pain, inflammation and nausea. The base of the National Institute of Health contains a sufficient number of scientific publications confirming this.
Cannabinoids in marijuana attack cancer cells and cause them to self-destruct, the growth of blood vessels that supply cancer tumors stops, and the antiviral activity of the immune system increases.

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) play the most important role in the treatment of cancer.
THC and CBD directly kill cancer cells: they destroy mitochondria, blocking cells from access to blood and nutrients. Those die from hunger and lack of food. CBD also inhibits the enzyme, due to which more of the body's defenses enter into battle.
Cannabinoids are also involved in the regulation of processes in the brain, in the functioning of the nervous, reproductive and cardiovascular systems, and in metabolism. The antioxidant properties of hemp can even slow down the aging process.
Some experts recommend that patients who undergo a course of traditional treatment, such as chemotherapy, add hemp to their medication list, because it has a beneficial effect on the body - it has a healing and protective effect.

Do you think hemp should be added to the list of anti-cancer drugs? Would you take it for medicinal purposes?

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Do you have any reference links? Because that would be absolutely exciting research and a first AFAIK.

As for your closing question: there is early stage, pre-clinical trial research which points that Marijuana may be effective as a treatment, or additional treatment, to certain cancers. One of the more recent studies pointing at pancreatic cancer treatment even.

But most of those studies so far have been done on rodents or in lab conditions only and have not yet been reproduced in human conditions. So far no clinical trials have been taken place either.

But cancer treatment is definitely one of the exciting prospects of medical Marijuana. Just as well as antibiotics alternative for specific treatments. And, of course, Opioids alternative and also PTSD treatment.

Exciting times as governments move to allow medical Marijuana and research trials. Sadly enough, they move too slow.

But not Hemp, as THC seems to play an integral role in combination with CBS and other terps.

PS: for links, I have covered several of the medical studies referred to in this comment on @alibi.


You are right friend, experiments on mice in the laboratory is only the first step. But now marijuana is saving millions of people by relieving their pain. What other evidence is needed? For thousands of people, this has become a real analgesic. Let’s better ask: "Who benefits from freezing laboratory experiments in humans. @junkerkoch


Yes, but without clinical trials too many nations won’t approve it as an alternative to for example opioids. Look at the situation in the EU: even the countries which have approved medical marijuana have usually approved only very few conditions (specific cancers when high levels of nausea (Sativex), specific forms of epilepsy (Epidiolex).

Pain treatment? PTSD? Nope.

I may not like it but there are times we need to play the game to first get a seat at the table where discussions take place. But, I also approve of and agree with research because the plant is just too complex.

Purely observational analysis is only good for specific cases and, sadly enough, they’re the ones not considered. Because legislators want scientifically backed results, not improvement of quality of life. That’s why traditional Asian medicine, for example, is so maligned in the first world.