Global Compact for Migration

10 months ago

Global Compact for Migration

In Belgium the government is at the brink of falling over the UN Immigration Pact. One government party does not want to sign it, which has to happen next week in Marrakech, where all the UN members will sign this pact. Our country has come to a halt about a non legally binding pact. Strange, but true.
About 7 other European countries will not sign the pact too. Immigration is a major political issue at this moment in Europe, as well as in America.

So I decided to read the pact. You can find it here:

And I must say that I don't like it too. I will open the door completely for mass immigration. But, some people will say, is that bad? Well a little immigration is no problem, but in mass? That will destroy our social infrastructure.

But it will take all those people out of poverty? Well, that is not correct too! Check the video below, which shows the problem simply but correctly. And it takes the issue to what it is about. Poverty needs to tackled in the countries where it is manifesting itself. It has no effect when people are fleeing from those countries.

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