Electroneum Works at Full Capacity to Deliver the Fairer Cloud Mining

10 months ago

Electroneum Works at Full Capacity to Deliver the Fairer Cloud Mining

It will make the mobile mining process much fairer for the people in developing nations as they can still mine the same amount by only connecting to the internet 4 times per month as someone who is connected 24/7.

At a current pace, ETN team expects to launch cloud mining before this Christmas 2018, at a latest, in January 2019. The whole dev team, except the blockchain guys, are on it.

The CEO of Electroneum concluded:

“So I’m sorry if you are not mining what you expect, or if you are experiencing our app crashing while mining. We are working on not just a fix but a MASSIVE improvement, which will make our growth in the regions we are targeting hundreds of times stronger.”

The First Cloud Mining Tests Will Land on iOS

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