A few words about Bear Market

10 months ago

After seeing a lot of beginners suffering in this bear market I decided to share my thoughts on this. In this blog I will discuss what to do and what not to do in this Bear market. This blog is also useful for the traders who trades in stock market.

Bear market

A market in which price of stocks/coins price comes continues down.
This is an rough definition of a bear market. And I know you all know about it what bear market is.
Bear doesn’t give you any alarm if you are not an expert. Eventually experts are also unable to detect bear most of time. It is all sudden.

This is a market where you should not expect for a big profit if bear is started try to safe you all money by converting them to stable coin or a coin which are in reversal position or showing bull indicator.
But try as fast as fast possible to do what you want to do because bear is not gonna give you time.

First thing is panic sell. The main factor where we loss our money is panic selling. Try to avoid panic sell mostly in crypto market.

If you watch crypto market then you know sudden points where in only 1 or 2 hours price goes down and again it will back at that price. So watch that moment if that is happening do not exit . Because at that time may be some Whale is buying so try to avoid that.

Use some indicators to confirm the bearish market. Listen experts and then make you division to exit.

The next thing you should do is try to avoid trading future contracts. Which are available at bitmex , bitfinex and other platforms. If you are expert at trading then you can do this at your own risk.
If you are a normal trader of beginner avoid it. Because bear market is full of uncertainty.
As I always says bear is not for profit. Try to safe your money from losses.

As it is bear market here making profit is very difficult but not impossible.
Try to divide your funds in four or five parts and try to find coins or stock which are coming with great news try to find them and invest in them.

One part (which is smaller)of your fund use in future and try to recover your losses from bear.
Take 3-4% and exit in bear market you should not expect 30-60% profit. Try to exist when you make some profit.

If you want to play safer then convert it into stable and wait for the bull to make some profit. Else you can try above things.

Take entry
Bear is not full of negativity it is also full of opportunities for the people who want to invest in the market. Just do one thing find great projects and buy them at dips. And wait for reversal to make huge profits.

And in crypto bull is very strong if you buyed at lowest then here you can make you money 10x easily.

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