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Medical Cannabis can help bring relief to many people for their ailments - without the need for expensive and side effect laden prescription drugs. No one should go to prison or face other fines for cannabis. Be sure to know your local cannabis Laws and consult the proper Medical authority for more serious ailments.

Tune-in to the Thorsday Seshjuan Podcast w/ @jackdub - Tonight - Thursday 7-8PM EST where I'll be doling out the Cannabis Legalization News Reports of the Week. Next week I'll be moving to Wednesdays and start video recording the show - getting a green screen for xmas. The @jackdub Sesjuan will be moving to Wednesday next week - to make way for the highly anticipated return of the @chronic-n-coffee Show with @fracasgrimm - Stoked.

Legalization News Stories of the Week

"Gov. Cuomo announces plans to legalize recreational marijuana in NY" (PIX11 News Report) New York state Governor Cuomo has stepped back from his the stance that cannabis is a 'gateway drug' and now wants to remove the 'stigma' associated with marijuana and legalize it for recreational and medicinal use in the state of New York. The report suggests that he might be trying to keep up with New Jersey's marijuana legalization.
"Marijuana breathalyzer in development" (FOX8 WGHB News Report) One of the drawbacks from cannabis regulation is the new focus of attention on people driving high - impaired driving - with the penalties similar to drunk driving penalties in many locations. Now I have to make a point of doing all my driving first - before the all-day smoking begins.
"What Big Tobacco's $1.8 Billion Weed Investment Means For Legalization | NowThis" (NowThis News Report) Large corporations have 1.8 Billion USD invested into the cannabis industry. This is a good sign as far as these companies wouldn't be investing this kind of money, unless they had high confidence that cannabis would be legalized. It's important that small companies and households also grow - to keep the pressure on large companies that exist to keep the quality good and prices reasonable.
"East TN lawmaker pushes for medical marijuana legalization" (NBC 10 WBIR News Report) East Tennessee lawmaker Jeremey Faison wants to bring medical marijuana, decriminalize it, and open up hemp farming. The uneducated on medical cannabis opposition tries to use pharmaceutical and medical industruy mishandling of opiods and other prescription drugs as a reason not to allow medical marijuana.
"Vote On Legalizing Marijuana In NJ Now Unlikely By End Of Year" (CBS Philly News Report) Still trying to iron out legislation differences with the state governor over cannabis industry regulation. *Personally I would rather no regulation, but if it must be regulated then I would rather see a cigarette style regulation and licensing for sale - it shouldn't be so difficult to get a bag of the good stuff - grow your own if legal.
"Hemp production legalized in new Farm Bill" (FOX 31 Denver News Report) Industrial Hemp would be taken off the controlled substances list with the new US Federal Farm Bill. Passed the Senate, signed by the President, moving on to congress for approval. Would Open the door to Hemp farmers being able to purchase insurance for their crops, and to get bank loans to help push forward the hemp fiber industry.
"Regulators prepare for potential marijuana legalization in NC" (NBC Charlotte WCNC News Report) Regulators consider where they would be storing and how they would be distributing the cannabis with legalization potentially happening in North Carolina.
"Cannabis Commission Approves Final Licenses For 4 Mass. Marijuana Stores" (CBS Boston News Report) Four more recreational marijuana distribution locations have just received licensing from the state.

Disclaimer: Be sure to know your Local Laws

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When will you have me on your podcast? I have written about my cannabis work in Africa, I hope we win the fight and get this herb legalized soon in Nigeria.



Kindly read and let me know what you think about our work in Africa.


It would be great to have you on the show and chat about the legalization progress in Nigeria, I'll add you on discord and we'll figure out when :)

Yeah bud!

So much good news for weed these days. I really warms my heart to see people finally coming around. Prohibition does not work! Legalize it