Cannabis News this Week - March 7th, 2019 - Cannabis Tourism, CBD Endorsement Deals, Legalization, Extraction

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Cannabis News Stories this Week

"All Time Highs: What's Next for Cannabis Tourism?" (Civilized) Big news of the week, Martha Stewart partnering with Canopy cannabis company for branded CBD and pet products - the market responded well to this news. Cannabis tourism has a big economic impact the the cannabis destinations. In Colorado, 8% of the dispensary cannabis is sold out of state tourists. Of the tourists headed to Colorado, 15% of them will be participating in a cannabis related attraction.

"Cannabis black market sales in Canada remain strong despite legalization" (Yahoo Finance) The black market cannabis sales remain high over legal sales in Canada. In the 2018 Q4, they estimate 878 million dollars in black market sales, compared to the 307 million dollars in legal cannabis sales. Legal cannabis supply and ease of access is getting the bulk of the blame, legal cannabis either underestimated or could not keep up with the demand. Cannabis companies also point out the taxes that add to the cost of legal cannabis. Many people are also accustomed to their suppliers that they had before legalization. They do point out that before legalization no taxes were being collected, so any cannabis tax revenue collected is still a surplus considering the taxes collected in 2017 from the recreational cannabis users was zero.

"Martha Stewart jumps on the cannabis bandwagon" (CNBC Television) Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg have been BFFs for a long time, now they're also bud buddies. Snoop paved the way for Martha Stewart's deal with Canopy to promote CBD and pet products. Canopy is going asset heavy, announced $100-150 million dollars is going towards CBD extraction in New York. CBD already being federally legal with the USA 2018 Farm Bill gives cannabis companies a chance to start building up their infrastructure and getting their brands and banking in place for when cannabis is federally legal.

"Here's How Pure, Clean Cannabis Extraction Works" (Civilized) This video Capna Systems resident inventor walks through his industrial cannabis extract extraction process. Main extraction solvents on the market are hydrocarbon, butane, propane, co2, and ethanol. The inside of the machine during extraction process is cold, -50 to -75 degrees Celcius during extraction.

"Cannabis legalization 101: How to roll a marijuana joint" (Global News) Global News channel in Canada is happy to help out the cannabis industry and smokers by airing this "How to Roll a Marijuana Joint" segment. Pro Tips: Take out the stems so you don't puncture the paper, and don't over-lick the glue right off. They tagged their video with #WeedTourism - doing their part, keeping the people informed.

"Canada a global destination for weed tourism? Tight regulations make it difficult" (Global News) Cannabis tourism companies are popping up around Canada, but the companies say the regulations remain unclear. They offer cannabis tours including limo rides and joint rolling classes. The cannabis promotion rules are similar to tobacco regulations, but with a few exceptions - marketing of cannabis products and services, and glamorization is prohibited. Exceptions includes advertising in bars and cafes where only legal age people can see them, online advertising rules are unclear.

"Bernie Sanders: Marijuana on the CSA, Legalization w/ Social Justice vs Corporate Cannabis & Hemp" (Reefer Revolution DC420LA) Runner up for the 2016 democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders sits down with the Breakfast Club to discuss cannabis legalization and how the current laws have effected minorities. He believes in the legalization of marijuana and doesn't believe it should be scheduled. Said he's tried it a few times but can't remember if it effected him, he just remembers coughing.

"Proposed bill could allow cannabis products in wellness industry" (FOX5 Las Vegas) Local massage parlor is using CBD oil during it's massages, using the maximum legal CBD content, 0.3%. With the passing of this bill, massage therapists, nail technicians, and more would be able to use higher percentage CBD oils that would help with muscle relaxation and pain relief. I know a few people that use CBD oil topically to relieve pain, it works well for them. CBD is a medicinal component in cannabis that does not get you high like THC does. CBD and hemp was recently legalized for medicinal and industrial production in the USA with the federal 2018 Farm Bill.

"Marijuana Justice Act of 2019 - Cannabis Legalization News" (Cannabis Legalization News) The Marijuana Justice act was just introduced in the USA Senate, and the House. This act would deschedule all cannabis. CBD was already descheduled with the 2018 Farm Bill. This will remove crimes that happened all the way back to 1970 - when the controlled substance act that scheduled cannabis along with heroin was passed. Auto expungement for past convictions is included in these bills. There's a long way to go with the bills, but it sounds like a good start to cannabis decriminalization.

Be sure to know your Local Laws

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So much Awesome Cannabis News Every day. I swear that Canopy Growth is going to take over the World Man. They are everywhere. Going to be a Trillion dollar Company some day. At least in Market cap. Fantastic Stock ... not so sure about their weed though.


That's huge they're down in the states, I was under the impression USA was trying to block the competition at the border - not so. I just realized they're HQd in Smith falls ontario lol I stayed at a hotel there a couple years ago on the way to my aunts. They're making lots of big moves. Just wait till the US Fed legalizes, there'll be piles of new legalization news. Any tourist spot that wants to keep their edge ought to look into some form of legalization :)


Yeah .... I'm about 1/2 hour away from Smith Falls.... Would probably be a good place to buy some Real Estate. Still cheap. Will boom.

Marijuana Justice act by the Senate is really good news, let's see how good it goes through, thanks for the cannabis news 👍


My pleasure, i enjoy going over the weekly cannabis news reports every thursday morning, there's always a few gems in there. With so many states, countries, and the UN moving to legalize and deschedule, it's more and more likely the fed will finally make a move - increased tax revenue depends on it :)

I like this format and style of post.
Keep up the good work :)


Thanks, I appreciate that - @unnamed nudged me to do the text flow around the pics instead of doing it table style :) gets it closer to the magazine feel i'd like the weekly news report have.

Great posts mate just started reading through as I am new on Smoke, Pick up some great thoughts and ideas through reading your great work mate. Thank you jackdub