Cannabis News this Week - March 14th, 2019 - Mexico Cannabis Prohibition Over, More Pressure on USA for Legalization

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The Mexican Supreme Court recently ruled cannabis prohibition unconstitutional - cannabis in Mexico has been decriminalized. Great news - with USA now flanked by major trading partners, Canada and Mexico, that now have some form of cannabis legalization or decriminalization. I believe the USA Fed and State governments are already planning what to do with the tax revenue, seem's it's now just the long and inevitable process of working out the details of cannabis legalization. Even the NFL is positioning itself to remove cannabis from it's substance abuse policy.

Cannabis News Stories this Week

"Mexican Supreme Court Strikes Down Cannabis Prohibition Laws in Mexico" (Cannabis.Net) The Mexican Supreme Court recently struck down the cannabis prohibition laws in Mexico. The two cases that were ruled on were brought to the court by the plaintiffs requesting an "amparo". An "amparo" is a request for constitutional protection from prosecution. One of the plaintiffs wanted to grow his own cannabis, another plaintiff wanted to consume recreational cannabis. The court agreed that their constitutional rights needed to be protected and ruled in favor of plaintiffs - effectively ending Mexico's prohibition on cannabis.

"Missouri Police Searching For Marijuana In A Stage 4 Cancer Patient's Hospital Room | TIME" (TIME) Medical cannabis will be legal in Missouri in a few months, no later than June. Police search the man's room after someone reported smelling cannabis. The man denies smoking cannabis and feels his rights were violated. He has pancreatic cancer stage 4 - one of the most deadly. The hospital and police could not be reached for comment. Legalize it - one less excuse for violation of citizens.

"Medical marijuana choices expand" (News 5 Cleveland) For the two months that medical cannabis has been available in Ohio, it's only been available in bud form. Grow Ohio cannabis company has recently been licensed by the state for the manufacturing of cannabis creams, oils, lotions, capsules, edibles with it's new co² cannabis extraction setup. The hope to be up and running by the end of the month with products appearing on the medical dispensaries shelves shortly after that.

"The NFL May Consider Changing Rules Around Cannabis Use" (kilop aurelye2b) The NFL is ready to relax it's policy on cannabis usage - ready to make concessions with the players union and eliminate cannabis from it's substance abuse policy. There have been players that have been disciplined for cannabis use. Some fans are worried key players might be more likely to sign with a team that is in a state that has already legalized cannabis. I could see how cannabis muscle relaxation and pain relief strains, and CBD oils and rubs would be more desirable than prescription drugs and pain relievers - especially with side effects being potentially having a less adverse affect on the players abilities and long term health.

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"Cannabis News - More Progress in Alaska | Ep. 353 | 03-13-2019" (The Marijuana Times) The Marijuana Times, cannabis news reports that The New Mexico house has passed a flawed recreational cannabis legalization bill- requires proof of purchase of cannabis that is possessed. This is the same as Canada, it's about the tax dollars, you technically have to have your cannabis in the legally purchased and taxed container it came in - if you are searched for some reason. The MT also reports that Alaska adopts rules for on site cannabis consumption and retail shops - the State wide Alaska Marijuana Control Board regulations had been approved back in December. Alaska legalized recreational cannabis back in 2015 (Source).

"Cannabis industry calls for legal pot bars" (ABC 10 News) It has been more than a year since the first legal cannabis sales in San Diego. There was 6.3 million dollars extra dollars for the city of San Diego last year from the 5% tax of the legal pot shops in the city - of course the money spending government like that. Currently people can only legally smoke if they own their own property, or if their apartment lease allows it. The industry would like the city to consider a place from consumers to use their cannabis - "a pot version of a hooka bar".

"Duterte now against legalization of medical marijuana" (Manila Bulletin Online) President Duterte of the Philippines is taking the stance that some plants are bad - kind of like someone saying cannabis is harmless cause it's a plant, then someone replying that poison ivy is a plant, is that good ? - wrong argument. Duterte has shut himself off from the possibility of cannabis legalization. "Not in my time .. some other president," he states. He admits that he is ignorant of the research and that he does not read it, and that he does not intend to legalize it.

"Michigan OKs medical marijuana use to treat cerebral palsy" (FOX 47 News) Michigan State has added cerebral palsy to the list of approved conditions that permit people to register for using medical cannabis. Other conditions on the State Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs approved list includes cancer, spinal chord injuries, Parkinson disease, and chronic pain. Recreational cannabis was legalized in Michigan back in 2018.

Be sure to know your Local Laws

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There is so much confusion of what is legal and not legal in the United States and what they actually do to the uneducated consumer. A bunch of Farmers in the US got together and sued for the right for grow hemp and won. So Hemp and all products made from hemp which the government labels at any Cannabis product that is under 0.3% But those who are educated know that though CBD aka hemp is a good source of fiber but it is more like a vitamin and it's Cousin Marijuana is a medicine, sadly CBD is being marketed like it is it's cousin and it is a pet peeve. I know that is partly off topic but this intermingling of the two is making it harder to get Marijuana legal. Marketing practices and media propaganda is not helping the cause that is for sure.


US Fed Legalized Hemp/CBD for farming and industrial production in the 2018 Farm Bill - they also reclassified hemp to include any cannabis strain with under that 0.3% THC that you are talking about, so CBD strains that were bred to have no THC would fall under the Hemp classification. I'm not sure if the states have to take it to the next step or not, or if states are regulating it, i'll have to look into that sometime. Most governments and many more people now are learning the difference between CBD and THC, it's been on a lot of local news reports.


they are making it seems that CBD does what THC does. That is what is rubbing me the wrong way, THC and CBD works together and you might get lower CBD content in Higher THC strains but the reason it works is because you have THC and CBD doing it's magic together. That is my issue with the CBD products being markets the THC content is too low or not there to be a medicine and they are marketing it like it is.
You know how some people are they believe everything they see on the news. I just went on an educational rant o facebook over propaganda

Good ol’ Duterte. Always said it wasn’t going to happen during his tenure.

People are so fanbois and populists can so easily abuse it. Run Radian6 sentiment analysis for some days on subsequent Tweets and FB shares and the course changes again.

Worst of all, people forget about this. The actual realities on the ground. Maria has now had to bail herself 6 times out. That is a witch hunt, there’s a reason why she made the cover of TIME not that long ago... as one of the people of the year.