Cannabis News this Week - January 31st, 2019 - Tech Info, Legalization, Market Growth Pains

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Governments and Markets have been salivating over medical cannabis legalization money. Growers, patients, and users are feeling the pinch from the added taxes, regulations, and increased final product prices - many have gone back underground.

Cannabis News this Week

"Cannabis Technology, High Possibilities" (WGBHForum) This is a lengthy video at 1 hour and 30 minutes, but it's full of high and low tech cannabis information - good listening. This is a conference with many panelists. Medical practitioners, a genome sequencer using block chain tech as a notary, a modified yeast cannabis component growing company representative, an opening market representative from Chile, and more. They talk about getting dosages right, gathering data, legalization, funding, and many other medical cannabis industry topics.
"Israel's Cabinet Approves Medical Cannabis Exports" (i24NEWS) Expected to boost sales and exports by 273 Million USD. Eight major producers in Israel. Two dozen countries have legalized medical cannabis use. Australia, Austria, Germany, and Mexico have already expressed interest.
"Malawi Looks to Cannabis to Supplement Lost Tobacco Earnings" (VOA News) Malawi's smaller farmers are struggling with the falling tobacco prices. They are looking to cannabis and hemp as a more profitable crop. Zimbabwe, and other surrounding countries, are having discussions to legalize cannabis for medical use.
"Early Edition: House OKs bill legalizing medical marijuana on 2nd reading" (ABS-CBN News) The Philippines government has moved closer to legalizing medical cannabis. The medical expert on this show is happy about possible medical legalization, he believes that medical cannabis has lots of benefits. Potential for abuse, recognizes that the addiction is not as severe - they would like to see the medical cannabis regulated.
"Advertising medical marijuana on social media not easy for dispensaries" (KJRH -TV | Tulsa | Channel 2) Green Canopy Solutions is having difficulties advertising it's medical marijuana due to social media restrictions. Cannabis advertising is not welcome on some platforms, other platforms restrict photos of cannabis. It's good to have a unrestricted platform - like - that doesn't try to put cannabis in the corner.
"Cannabis is the new tech: Fmr. Yahoo CEO" (CNBC Television) Former Yahoo CEO is a medical cannabis user for replaced knee pain. Sees the market potential with US Fed CBD legalization, but believes the combination of CBD and THC has more potential for pain relief. She doesn't think the US Fed will legalize medical cannabis any time soon.
She believes cannabis is a fast growing market, reminds her of the tech boom back in the day. She's concerned about over regulation affecting the legal market, and impressed with how well managed many of the companies are. Be sure to be well advised if you're an investor.
"This is Why California’s Illegal Weed Business Is Bigger Than Ever; Regulations, Taxes, & More…" (Philip DeFranco) Philip DeFranco draws a parallel with previous failed prohibitions, goes in depth on California legalization. California may produce as much as 60-80% of the US nation's cannabis supply. They explore the potential growing pains with the nation's largest marijuana producer going legal and regulated. Inflated costs from taxes and regulation, and a shift from a cash only and non bank friendly business operation. Packaging, licensing, regulations - a lot to consider.
"Cannabis college for growing industry" (KFOR Oklahoma's News 4) Hemp Staff is holding weekend classes to train workers for the cannabis industry. Legalization is still a work in progress for Oklahoma, Hemp Staff is looking to prepare their students for potential jobs at soon to be opening dispensaries.
*Disclaimer: Be sure to know your Local Laws*

Lingering Cannabis Thoughts...

Regarding the modified yeast grown cannabis compounds from the first video, I can see where it could have it's uses. Harvesting every four days sounds interesting. Personally I'm a whole foods type of person and believe the processed food people eat now are causing many health problems. That being said, I would always want the real cannabis buds and seeds available. The multiple strains are so unique, complex, and varied - I don't believe they fully understand how to recreate the whole effect from the pieces.

Have a great day!

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Hi Jack... yeah, on the 3rd reading the other day.. they (the Senate) approved the Bill on the legalization of medical Marijuana. It is still to be signed by Pres. Duterte to make it into a law. And I am glad that they made the move now... The docs have been sitting there for a couple of years and since the legalization is already done by other nations like Canada and other States in the US. the lawmakers simply debated it in the Philippine Senate...


Ah nice, sounds like they're very close to medical legaliztion there, hopefully it's further decriminallized eventually too. Seems like there was a lot of pressure from UN, USA, and other countries against legalization - direct and indirect. With less pressure and their own reasons, i look forward to more countries legalizing.


I could only agree.. at least that is the beginning... If recreational cannabis could be legalized too, then many people will plant their own and avoid buying in the black market. The dealers might be put under strict and rigid regulations so that they would only sell quality weeds and not those cleaned from molds...


No plans for decriminalization, none whatsoever. The biggest issue right now after final reading in the House of Reps is that there is no Bill in the Senate yet.

Quick recap here.


It passed only in the House so far. The Senate doesn’t have a sponsored bill yet.


I have to correct myself.... the 3rd reading had been in the House of Reps not the Philippine Senate ...

yea, If I want a hotdog I eat Nathans. So yea, No yeast weed for me! I love my concentrates but If I have to grow my own and make it, I will. I figured Ill just be about done learning by the time they roll that into action. So lololol


For sure, growing technique's not too hard to get started .. good soil, water, light, air flow - like nature. I've seen some home use concentrate presses out there, one step at a time. Amazing what they can do with tech now though, they can produce whatever canabinoid, terpene, THC, or CBD they want - franken dabs lol .. not saying i wont try :D

Cannabis is all the rave these days, I love it!

I will watch the video in 2 days when I am free and check out the other news more so I will come back again but right now from what I can tell. I saw that about Malawi on Twitter and I belive this could be a big thing for them and for the movement in all together. The president of yahoo didn't build up one of the most famous platforms and emails (even trough its mostly dead now) yahoo QandA was a good thing for me so I belive her when she says it's like the technology boom. This are the years of the cannabis boom.