Cannabis News this Week - February 8th, 2019 - US Fed hearings, WHO Backtrack, CBD for humans & Pets, and more

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The US Federal government is having hearings for Medical Cannabis Legalization and hearings for banks getting involved with the not yet federally legal cannabis cash industry. The new US Attorney General said the federal and state laws need to match up, and that he would not go after cannabis companies operating in states that have legalized. The World Health Organization has realized the errors in it's political and non scientific criminalization of cannabis - they're changing policy.

Cannabis News this Week

"World Health Organization Calls to Reclassify Weed" (Mashable) WHO wants to reschedule the whole cannabis plant and resin to schedule 1 instead of schedule 4. They would also like other THC related items removed from a 1971 drug treaty. More less admitting it was banned for political reasons - not scientifical. They are hoping this move is a stepping stone for change.
"Marijuana Banking Hearings Scheduled" (CBS Denver) Theft safety is a big concern for cannabis companies with theft with all the cash kept on hand. Cannabis still being Federally illegal in the USA has kept banks from wanting to accept cannabis business cash. The US Senate is having hearings to set the stage for banks to start doing business with cannabis companies.
"Pot for pets? Cannabis products marketed for animals" (KTVQ News) CBD oil for pets - may not be for all pets. A couple in the video wanted to bring relief to their little dog's separation anxiety. They believe the 2 or 3 drops of pet CBD oil helps a lot with their dog. Other benefits include treatment of pain, anxiety, and seizures.
"Learning The Truth About CBD" (CBS Miami) Parent using CBD to treat their child's ADHD, autism, and anxiety - prescription pills had made him worse. CBD oil is non psychoactive and does not get someone high like THC does. They caution to check labeling and your CBD oil source is quality.
"Harvard Study Finds That Marijuana May Be Good For Sperm Count" (Wochit News) A new Harvard study revealed that men who reported using cannabis at any point in life had noticeably higher sperm count on average (62.7 million / 1 ml) than men who said that they had never used cannabis (45.5 mil / 1 ml). I remember hearing the exact opposite when I was growing up.
"Major changes in the works for legal marijuana use" (WATE 6 On Your Side) The US Senate is hearing arguments for medical cannabis legalization. Recreational cannabis is legal in 10 states plus D.C., the USA Capitol - 6 more states are on the way soon. The new US Attorney General would like to see the state and federal laws line up, but he will not be targeting cannabis businesses in states where it has been legalized.
"Cannabis producer’s licence suspended" (NEWS 1130) For the first time since cannabis has become legal in Canada, a cannabis producer's license has been suspended. License has been suspended because their product "didn't comply with good production practices" - and the company admitted that back in December 2018, the employees were told to look away when they received 200 kg of unlicensed cannabis. Three executives were let go. Winnipeg-based Bonify has 10 days to dispute the suspension.
"Georgians comment on bill that would decriminalize marijuana possession" (11Alive) USA Georgia State bill to decriminalize cannabis would make a cannabis possession charge to the equivalent of a traffic ticket of no more than $300. An effort to reduce the overcrowded prison population. Individual cities in Georgia have already voted to decriminalize cannabis.

Be sure to know your Local Laws

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I remeber writing a post where I mentioned the treaty of 1971 where they put cannabis in the same category as hard core drugs. And almost half a century later things are starting to change. It took them 50 years to realize that cannabis is not heroin.


I'm pretty sure they knew .. unfortunately it was most likely a way to keep people under their thumb, or maybe pressure from US. US has had many times in it's history that it has demonized cannabis for medical/industrial profit protection, and for the criminalization of whichever group of people they would like to oppress. Countries have used the highly addictive heroin to devastate other countries, but they have never used cannabis because they know it's not harmful. It's all a load of crap and the people should be pissed imo :)


It was “motivated”, yes. And it still is motivated now.

It always was. From being a highly popular medicine, also cultivated by former US presidents to scheduled.

We should be concerned about all the psychosis propaganda. While it is a thing, the emphasis on it is way too high and can be but big pharma pushed.

Opioids have many more issues in much higher frequencies.