Cannabis News this Week - February 28th, 2019 - Tyson Ranch, Medical Cannabis, Cannabis Legalization + 2500 SMOKE Contest

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Iron Mike Tyson interview about cannabis, Medical Cannabis, Cannabis Legalization, and a Smoking Apparatus Contest with a 2,500 SMOKE prize pool on

Cannabis News Stories this Week

"Mike Tyson Shares Incredible Tupac Story & Discusses His New Cannabis Business" (Complex News) Famous boxing champ Mike Tyson discusses cannabis legalization and business opportunities. He currently has Tyson Ranch branded cannabis products for purchase where available. He discusses his personal history with cannabis consumption. Watch for his Edible Cannabis Gummy Ears, just joking. I enjoyed this 13 minute sit-down interview with Iron Mike.

"What's in your medical marijuana?" (ABC15 Arizona) Thousands of people living in Arizona rely on medical cannabis, but Arizona has no requirement for cannabis growers and pill makers to test the cannabis used. Staff at "The Giving Tree Wellness Center" dispensary are diligent about testing for the sake of their customers and have been horrified by what they've found in some cannabis medicines - mold, pesticides, fungus. Legislation for required testing has failed for the past two years, it's up to the consumer to know the product. This news report points out that quality dispensaries will have their voluntary lab testing results on hand.

"Cannabis conference focuses on patients" (WKMG News 6) This Orlando, Florida conference is focusing on patients and the ailments that cannabis can bring relief to. Vendors at the conference showcase different ways to consume cannabis, some teach about the medical benefits of cannabis, and some of the vendors are tackling the stigma of cannabis use. Florida is in the process of legalizing medical cannabis buds - previously on the pill form was available. Recreational cannabis use has been proposed but is not yet legal in Florida.

"Insight to Israel - Study reveals medical cannabis effective at easing autism symptoms" (ILTV ISRAEL DAILY) New Israeli study shows that cannabis treatment with autistic kids would ease their symptoms. Seizures, depression, and restlessness. They used a 30% CBD / 1.5% THC oil blend for oral consumption. The parents were surveyed and 80% of them reported significant or moderate improvement in their children. After 6 months of treatment, patients reported a 66.8% improvement in quality of life. Israel recently opened it's borders to medical cannabis export.

"Cannabis Crop | 9 News Perth" (Nine News Perth) Man was growing to self medicate, police raided the 69 year old's home - 19 plants in the backyard, and 250 mills of oil in the house. He was turned down by a doctor for cannabis medicine - the doctor said there was no prescriptions available for the drug. The judge was understanding and considered his age, record, and condition for the sentencing - he was fined $1800 and had to pay $200 court costs. This looks like bullying to me, give me liberty. The extra sad part of this story is that he will no longer be able to grow his own medicine to benefit his quality of life and will have to seek other treatment.

"Malaysia Abolishes Death Penalty After Cannabis Oil Case" (Cannabis.Net) Asian nations have some of the harshest penalties for drugs - Malaysia is no exception. A medical cannabis provider has been saved from the original sentence that was for him to be hung. He was helping the sick by giving them cannabis oil, and would provide free of charge if it could not be afforded by the patients. The drug laws still haven't been officially changed yet, but this is a big sign that the usefulness of cannabis is being recognized - or at least the absurdity of the death penalty for it's usage or responsible medical distribution.

"Marijuana legalization on the horizon for NM" (KRQE) Recreational Cannabis Legalization moving through the committees and is quickly on the way to becoming a reality. Two bills are on the move, the house bill would make it legal for 21 years old and up to legally grow 6 plants and carry 2 ounces. Allows towns to not allow sales, but not prohibit growing plants. The Senate bill is more authoritarian and proprietary - not allowing home grown cannabis. They seem to be focusing on the details of regulation, so for recreational cannabis legalization in New Mexico, USA - it's just a matter of time.

"MOMS rolling out billboard to stop marijuana arrests" (WMAR-2 News) Mothers Of Murdered Sons & Daughters (MOMS) have rolled out a mobile billboard in Baltimore Maryland that reads "Stop Pot Arrests, Solve Murders Instead". They would like the mayor and police to not spend time on arresting people for pot, and focus more on arresting murderers. MOMS spokesperson points out that having arrest records for small time things like cannabis possession can stigmatize the person and limit their career choices. I agree with the MOMS - hopefully they can take official steps soon to decriminalize cannabis in the State of Maryland and spend more time on catching murderers - not cannabis users.

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I had no idea about Tyson. The @canna-curate contest should be fun.


Tyson keeps pretty busy, has an interesting perspective on the cannabis business. I can imagine cannabis would be therapeutic for aches and pains relief after all the years in the boxing ring. For sure, I hope you post an entry for the contest :)