Cannabis News this Week - February 21st, 2019 - Tax Revenue Maximization, Availability, Industrialization + #TripleCloseup Contest Results

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Results from the #TripleCloseup Contest

The results are in from the #NUGPORN Triple Closeup CONTEST - Break Out the Nugs and the Macro Settings - Update: 500 SMOKE Tokens in the Prize Pool. The contest originally had a 250 SMOKE prize pool, a thank you to @cannaweedness for donating the additional 250 SMOKE to the prize pool - it made for some nice size rewards. There were 5 official entries received in time for consideration.

1st Place - 250 SMOKE - @relaylogix

@relaylogix gets up close with the tasty bud in the "Macro Photo Contest Entry For Triple Close Up" contest entry post. The final #triplecloseup photo gets close enough to see pistol hairs - nice.

2nd Place - 150 SMOKE - @indaymers

It was a tough decision between the first and second place positions, @indaymers has very consistent and detailed photos in the "My Entry - NUGPORN TRIPLE CLOSEUP CONTEST [email protected]" post entry. Many details about the photo taking process too, excellent post.

50 SMOKE to 3 Honorable Entries

@libbzter, @armshippie, and @skylinebuds each recieved 50 SMOKE for their honorable mention contest entry posts.

Thanks to all that participated in the contest, thanks again to @cannaweedness for 250 of the SMOKE that was in the #TripleCloseup contest prize pool.

A new contest will be announced next week involving your favorite smoking apparatus - 850 SMOKE so far in the prize pool for that one, let me know if you would like to sponsor/contribute to next week's contest prize pool.

Cannabis News Stories this Week

"Marijuana taxes too high for California pot growers" () Taxes are too high for California to "cash in" in cannabis. With 40% combined cost of taxes and licensing for legal weed sales, it's tough to beat "black market" prices. California is dropping 4% off the 15% State sales tax - in a bid to help the legal weed sales companies - with a slightly more competitive with the "black market" price. With less costly sales taxes and licensing costs, legal dispensaries could offer more competitive prices, increasing sales, and increasing the overall tax revenue collected. "It's the first and only tax I can ever remember California cutting", they're trying hard to get the maximum revenue formula right.

"Skymint - Michigan's Largest Medical Marijuana Company" (MLive) A tour of Skymint's growing facility. Working towards perpetual harvest system where they are harvesting every 1 or 2 days from one of their 22 grow rooms. Planning to harvest 30,000 lbs per year.

"Cannabis Career Fest Saturday" (Denver7 – The Denver Channel) The Cannabis Career Fest job fair was held this past Saturday in Denver, Colorado it was $10 entry to the event, 30 companies were there hiring. Over 35,000 people are employed in the Colorado cannabis industry, they expect that number to double in the next five years. If cannabis legalization has potential in your location, a cannabis career or business could be something to consider.

"Pot by numbers in the growing medical marijuana industry" (WPRI) Medical marijuana was legalized in Rhode Island in 2006. Legalization changes in the past two years have industrialized grow op operations with large profit potential - the industry growth is "off the charts". Sales has grown from $28m, to $38m, to $52 million dollars per year over the past 3 years. The number of registered medical cannabis users had grown from 28,000 to 34,000 since 2017. Rhode Island medical cannabis growers grew 10,000 lbs in 2017 - in 2018 they grew 16,000 lbs in 2018.

"S. Korea to allow sales of imported medical cannabis for self-medication from March 12" (ARIRANG NEWS) South Korea Medical Cannabis Legalization is starting next month - beginning March 12th. The state run by prescription dispensary agency will import cannabis products from abroad for rare and untreatable diseases. Late last year the assembly decided to lift the ban on medical cannabis after an outcry from the public. More than 100 different chemicals in the cannabis plant,including THC and CBD. Cannabis is still strictly outlawed - except for research and medical use.

"Veterinarians Say Marijuana Products Can Be Dangerous For Pets" (CBS Philly) They say don't get your pets high - vets say that could be dangerous to your. The calls to the vet over dogs eating the stash have increased 448% over the past 6 years. Vets don't have any way to counteract the effects from dogs ingesting cannabis, all they can do is try to dilute it. They say dogs are sneaky and you should put your pot somewhere they can't get into it. Cats are less likely to ingest cannabis.

"NJ State Trooper: Don't Tax Marijuana" (CBS New York) Propaganda has insisted for years that cannabis is a gateway drug, this NJ State trooper believes it is not. He suggests having no sales tax on legalized recreational cannabis, then slowly add the sales tax after a couple years - he believes this is the only way to remove the "street corner dealer". He recommends people do their own research about cannabis, then to teach their kids what it really is.

"Should legal weed be sold in bodegas?" (PIX11 News) With NY moving towards recreational cannabis legalization, bodega (corner store) owners want to be able to sell cannabis when legalized - so they can get their "piece of the pie". The bodegas are already heavily regulated by the city and the state with current beer, tobacco, and lotto sales. The United Bodegas of America group points out that they never got tax breaks that were offered to Amazon. The group hopes to meet with law makers. There are 15,000 bodegas across the 5 boroughs.

"Marijuana treatment considered for Maryland opioid users" (WUSA9) The state of Maryland is looking to cannabis to help ease the opioid epidemic. Pre-clinical studies have show that cannabis reduces opioid withdraw symptoms. Opioid users said that they were able to decrease their pain relief opioid intake by 40-60% with cannabis use, and they prefer cannabis. They say that 10% of regular users are at risk to becoming addicted to cannabis, but it does much less harm than opioids. As a doctor there stated, cannabis may keep you on the couch, but at least it won't kill you.

Be sure to know your Local Laws

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That is some really nice prize pool. I didn't wanna contest when I saw few buds in close I knew I wouldn't stand a chance. Maybe next one.


For sure jump in the next one, i'll be announcing/starting that contest on wednesday.- paperless smoking :)

Thanks for improved readability on small screens. :D


Lol, I was thinking of you when I was applying the new code :) Thanks, it does flow much nicer now.


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Congrats to the contest winners and thanks for keeping us up to date with this amazing weekly cannabis news, happy the S Korean govt is giving space for medical marijuana. They will definitely have no choice than to legalize it for recreational purposes soon.


Every week it seems like there's another state or country loosening the cannabis laws. It does seem to usually be legalized for medical first, then people can see for themselves that it's not a dangerous plant like it has been made out to be - a much better alternative to many of the prescription drugs it seems, no one should be going to jail for it :)

All the entries look good, I'm sure it wasn't easy to pick a winner.

Thank you for the smoke!


Our pleasure, thanks again for the tasty closeups :)

Thank you Jack for the smoke reward. I enjoyed the challenge. Congrats to the winners.

Thanks for thes man, to you and cannaweedness thanks fot the prizes. For the contest thanks for putting this on.

Thanks jack I appreciate the shout out 😁 😎

Congratulations to the winners.
I never had my dog eat my J, but my cat did 2 times. Damn Naga found it even in a ceramic boot. I miss that white bundle of muscles. I hope she's doing alright back home.