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Cannabis Legalization Around the World

Canada and Uruguay are currently the only countries with medical and recreational cannabis fully legalized. Still illegal at the Federal level in the USA, but they recently legalized CBD oil and hemp farming. USA has been instrumental in influencing many countries in the past into keeping cannabis criminalized. I believe Canada would have legalized much earlier if not for pressure from the USA. With USA fed no longer demonizing cannabis, the hope is that other countries around the world will sooner than later move to legalize cannabis.

According to the Cannabis Legalization World Map Web Site:

  • Argentina – Status: CBD legalized/Partially medically legalized/Decriminalized
  • Australia – Status: Medically legalized/Partially decriminalized
  • Canada – Status: Full federal legalization
  • Chile – Status: Medically legalized
  • Colombia – Status: Medically legalized/Decriminalized
  • Croatia – Status: Medically legalized
  • Czech Republic – Status: Medically legalized
  • Germany – Status: Medically legalized/Decriminalized
  • India – Status: Federally illegal, but legal in some states
  • Israel – Status: Medically legalized
  • Italy – Status: Medically legalized
  • Jamaica – Status: Partially medically legalized/Decriminalized
  • Macedonia – Status: Medically legalized
  • Mexico – Status: Medically legalized/Decriminalized
  • Netherlands - Status: Technically still illegal, but rarely prosecuted unless it's a nuance. Amsterdam bud cafe shops are legal and permitted.
  • Philippines – Status: Medically legalized
  • Poland – Status: Partially medically legalized
  • Puerto Rico – Status: Medically legalized"
  • Thailand - Status: Medically legalized
  • Turkey – Status: Medically legalized
  • United States - Status: Federally Illegal, but CBD oil has been recently legalized along with hemp.
  • Uruguay – Status: Legalized

Many other countries are cannabis friendly, but have not yet technically made it legal. Below are additional countries that may be weed friendly - along with sources. Be sure to know the laws of the land

Peru possession of marijuana isn’t punished as long as it’s for personal, private, immediate use. The Peruvian congress has passed a bill that legalized medical marijuana, allowing the production, sale, and importation of cannabis oil.

Spain citizens aren’t penalized for growing or consuming privately. Sale is technically illegal, but there more than 800 (link in Spanish) “private” cannabis clubs where membership requires nothing more than a bit of paperwork.

Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Estonia, and Switzerland also have some form of cannabis friendly decriminalization - visit the web site for more information.

UK UPDATE TO POST (thanks @easyrider)
The British Government has recently legalized medical cannabis.

The British government has added cannabis to the pharmacopoeia of medicines available to patients on the National Health Service.

As of November 1, "patients can be prescribed medicinal cannabis by specialist doctors," the Home Office declared in a recent statement.

Source: CNN: Britain welcomes the global cannabis revolution

Legalization News Stories of the Week

"Breaking News: Fans of All Music Like Weed + Will the Entire Northeast Legalize? | MERRY JANE NEWS" (wesetfesttv) NY, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, and now Pennsylvania are all looking to legalize recreational and medicinal cannabis in 2019. Washington residents may be eligible for an online State Police pardon for a past cannabis misdemeanor charge.
"Ontario's cannabis retail license lottery" (CBC News) 25 businesses that win the upcoming lottery will have the privilege of being able to apply for a license to open a recreational cannabis dispensary. Businesses will be randomly selected - not selected on merit. Recreational cannabis can currently only be legally purchased on the web site. Politicians say they are slowly licensing walk-in stores due to a short supply of "legal" cannabis.
"Kentucky representative pushes for legalizing medical marijuana" (Lexington Herald Leader) Legislator talked to a team that went to Colorado to investigate their cannabis industry. He was enticed by the tax revenue and 18,000 new jobs the cannabis industry created there. He points out that unlike Canada, Kentucky would would have two growing seasons. He seemed to like the idea of franchised cannabis outlets. Does not mention medical benefits in this clip, just the money.
"Local delegate trying to legalize marijuana" (13News Now) State of Virginia delegate Steve Heretic has been pushing to decriminalize cannabis, but now he would like to see medicinal and recreational cannabis legalized. He finds cannabis is no more dangerous than alcohol, another person interviewed believes that the facts and science points to cannabis being less harmful to the community than alcohol. One third of the cannabis tax revenue Heretic would like to see go to drug education and programs.
"Report: Americans more likely to die of opioid overdose than car crash" (OAN) New data reveals that Americans are more likely to die from an opioid overdose than from a car crash. There is as 1 in 96 chance of death from opioid overdose, 1 in 103 chance of death from a car crash - based on 2017 mortality data. Trump and many other politicians are making moves to help reduce the overdoses and the fentanyl flow from China.
"Gov. Evers reveals 'first step' to marijuana legalization" (Channel 3000 | News3) Wisconsin governor is making moves to legalize medical cannabis. Will include in the state budget, he would like to see full legalization. Rep Melissa Sargent has been pushing for legalization and regulation, happy to have the governor and AG on board.
"Gov. Raimondo to Propose Legalizing Recreational Cannabis" (WPRI) Rhode Island governor is going to propose it in her next budget. She has been hesitant in the past, but now would like to see recreational cannabis legalized. Has been inspired by neighboring states. She is proposing not being able to grow your own at home - not cool. Medical dispensaries would get preference when licensing recreational dispensaries.
"Emotion runs high in MN debate on legalizing marijuana " (KARE 11) Minnesota citizens and politicians are debating legalizing recreational cannabis. They point out the large underground market that already exists. Interesting personal experiences, and misconception from the other side. Being pumped with so much propaganda can be confusing for citizens.
*Disclaimer: Be sure to know your Local Laws*

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I read for Croatia, but...there is no way you can buy as a patient. What you can get are drugs based on CBD generaly. And, you need to wait for a long fucking time to get em. My friend has MS and her doc said that is not for you. That is the last case scenario. Btw, she did oil from blackmarket and it did not help.

This is a great update / Summary of where we are at. Slowly but surely Cannabis will be made legal Everywhere.... the countries that do not do this will be left very very far behind. They are Missing out on the New Age of En-Light-enment.... Light em up.

Spain, medical use is legal, but not the herb, Sativex which is THC in a spray form and only for certain diseases. There are 8 licenses to grow for medical studies, Spain is probably one of the countries with better and longest working research teams in the world, no joking.
Now although being illegal as a matter of fact, I can bring you around my neighborhood any time night or day, it stinks of weed, in summertime rooftops are jungles and no one hides, and it is well known that Spain produces almost 70% of all the weed consumed in Europe.We can buy seeds, soil, pots, and ferts LEGALLY but hey, don't put them together, i wonder what they think we do with them, especially when every neighborhood in Spain has at least two grow stores. We hold the two biggest Cannabis fairs in Europe, and every seed bank in Europe is making their seeds here, and also making them for many USA seed banks
We also found an "alegal" form to do our thing and it is the Cannabis clubs which are all over the country. Madrid and Barcelona together have over 700 of these associations which are the equivalent of the USA or Canada dispensaries and still growing, they bust them every now and then but the only thing they achieve is that someone will open another one days later.
There is a law project in parliament right now, but honestly, our politicians are so coward that they seam to be waiting for the USA to legalize it federally to do it.
In the meantime it seems half of the country is doing what everyone should do when laws are unfair, stupid and go against basic human rights.....disobey


The cannabis clubs are really cool, it's a major step forwards despite corrupt politicians refusing to regulate.


Yep, at least they are creating awareness and a debate that was much needed, there is a lot of hypocrisy surrounding Cannabis in Europe. Spain functions somehow as a federal state and places like Catalunya or the Vasque country have tried to "regulate" Cannabis clubs, and always central government has ended up knocking it. Barcelona city has a regulation and they get a lot less hassle but that means that the city local police will not bother you, national police will.....reminds a bit to California in the late '90s..... let's hope we soon see not only legalization but an industry flowering around cannabis,much needed jobs

UK 🇬🇧 also just last month or so quietly legalised some medicinal conditions that doctors can now prescribe for. CBD has been legal for a while although black market CBD oil is far superior than diluted mass hemp grown legal oils ....


Ah thanks, that does sound familiar, I'll check it out. I was chatting with @breezin a few weeks ago on the podcast - she's in south africa, grows her own, then brings it to a guy she knows to press her own oil (brings him 3 times as much as she needs for CBD so it works out). I've heard a lot about poor quality CBD, for sure best to know the source.


I am testing some CBD oil capsules versus my own Home grown CBD tea.... my home Grown Tea seems to be better for me.... But it may be that my plants have about 1% THC that improves the CBD effects.


Yet pretty much nobody is being granted medical cannabis prescriptions. Nothing has changed.


Hopefully medical legalization is just a stepping stone to recreational legalization, which it seems to be for many states and countries.


The Tory party is too corrupt to let this happen in the UK, there's far too much money in keeping it illegal and for only a couple companies to have a monopoly on medical Cannabis exports in the UK (whilst UK medical patients are denied it). Absolutely infuriating, worse than brexit for real.

Lets go legalization!