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Legalization News Stories of the Week

"Ras Iyah V Interview Legalization of Marijuana Ganja in Jamaica" (inirootsnculturetv ) In 2015 Jamaica made cannabis an non arrest-able offence. Rastafarians can grow up to five plants. They discuss legalized industrial cannabis licensing.
"What A New Congress Means for Marijuana" (Newsy) Updated congress in the USA is looking positive for cannabis legalization. Much of the old guard that was standing in the way is gone now. Legalization bills would still have to make it through the republican senate, and would have to be signed by president trump.
"Will Minnesota approve recreational marijuana in 2019?" (KARE 11) Minnesota Governor pushing to legalize recreational cannabis, but there is a divided legislature. Republicans are worried of consequences and try to compare opioids to cannabis. It doesn't look like a quick path to legalization for Minnesota.
"Milwaukee County DA wants to legalize marijuana statewide" (Today's TMJ4) Milwaukee DA wants to legalize recreational cannabis on the state level after many municipalities have voted in favor of referendums to legalize. He wants to bring in DAs from neighboring states to help with setting up a regulatory system.
"Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana" (LEXNews 18) Kentucky lawmakers put forward a bill to legalize medical cannabis. Law makers say 40-60 thousand people in Kentucky suffer from conditions that cannabis could help with, they believe a doctor should be able to prescribe medical cannabis to patients.
"WV legislature to discuss legalizing recreational marijuana" (59 News) West Virginia wants to legalize recreational use cannabis. Majority of the democratic caucus supports legalization. The issue was debated in front of reporters. Banks don't want to get involved until it is legalized on the USA federal level. 11 States including Washington DC have legalized recreational cannabis, 30 states and US territories have legalized for medical use.
"Maryland's Legislative Session To Debate Legalizing Marijuana, Increase Minimum Wage And More" (WJZ) New Maryland state lawmakers would like to increase the minimum wage - and legalize recreational cannabis. Potential uses for cannabis tax money that could be collected is being discussed.
*Disclaimer: Be sure to know your Local Laws*

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the legalization I think will increase the value of the smoke thank you for sharing the news

"11 States including Washington DC have legalized recreational cannabis, 30 states and US territories have legalized for medical use." That is progress!!

From the news above I think i'm most surprised by Kentucky and West Virginia.. I really didnt think they would be some of the first to legalize for medical and rec respectively,.. here's hoping they get some bills passed this year!


I'm surprised by those states too - In past reports, listening to the two sides in West Virginia talk about it was interesting. One side comparing cannabis to fentanyl, the other saying that God put the plant here for a reason. Seems like medical cannabis legalization there is in the works. No one should be in jail for it, that's for sure :)

good news for Minnesota, Milwaukee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland and also for the people from Jamaica !!! I think that in the future all the US states will legalize cannabis. If in USA is possible this thing, other countries should take the example and do the same thing, because this is the trend in the world and and this is normality!


With a majority of states legalized for medicinal use, that should put pressure on the US Fed to legalize it for medicinal, then hopefully recreational soon after. Only 3 states in have CBD oil illegal, the US Fed recently legalized CBD oil with the new farm bill. Seems to be a trend for other countries, that haven't already, to loosen up on the cannabis laws too. Good to see momentum with it.


All I can say: USA is great country with a good vision, but we need of this thing WORLDWIDE! I like to believe that SMOKE will help to legalize weed in all the world! I hope that this thing will happen. We will see. Congratulations jackdub for this post and Happy SMOKE!

Really good and detailed article, was really fun to read, will follow you and continue to support you. Hope everything so far so have fun and smoke well. Greetings from the cold Germany

Good I hope soon cannabis will be legalized in all parts of the world, smoke to the moon.


A lot of medicinal worth proven and potential with it, hopefully the laws loosen up in a lot of places soon - would be nice to see a snowball effect :)

Most of the news I reed is regarding America. Rest of the world? Hello!?


Jamaica from 2015 was in there :) I'll dig a little deeper next week.

We Hope Legalization hit our own country soon. Great and very detailed post.

Smoke On!