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6 months ago


Please Help Us Clean up the Witness List

Time for stability!

If your name is on this list please fix your witness node or if you are unable to please write a post asking your voters to unvote you. If have voted for one of these witnesses please excercise your rights once again and unvote the witnesses which have been disabled for me than 2 weeks. There are other witnesses which would love to make the Top 50 list. Let's help them out!

Please fix or unvote


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Can you please elaborate in detail the job of witness and what should we be looking for before voting someone. I haven't voted anyone yet and that is because i don't know how to find out which one is doing better then the other so that's why i am holding up my vote for the time being.


Each witness should have a witness thread you can find by going to the witness voting page. I recommend voting for someone who is active in the community, writes meaningful posts, is committed long term to and has a strong technical background. Great question!

Im not familiar too much with what a witness does exacly but as far as my knowladges streches, a witness creates those blocks that allow us to do actions like upsmoking, remoking, sending smoke etc... which in turn setting up a witness server and creating blocks is a pretty big responsibility and missing those blocks can have repercussions on our ability to do those pre mentioned actions. Missing a few blocks is not a big problem as much as i gather from peoples conversations but a lot of them can be problematic. And the witness list is apperently full of people who abandoned their witness servers. So I guess they mean its time for a new years clean up of the list.
If i made a mistake somewhere in my thinking, feel free to corect me as I'm not a witness or extremely proficient in that.


You are correct in your thinking of what a witness does. We produce the blocks that hold the transaction for every action that is put in the block which helps hold the history of this blockchain. The witness list needs to be cleaned up and hopefully people will go through there witness votes and unvote disabled witnesses and vote for active witnesses. Happy New Years!


Happy new years.
I'll do that tonight as well. Look at inactive ones and remove my vote.

I guess these witnesses have abandoned their witnesses who are not in the top 50 list can indicate on the comment section of this post or may be give an update on their witness server so that the community can vote for them since most person might not know them.

✌️ i just voted for you @hashking


thank you!! :)