Not Welcome on Smoke?

5 months ago

Hi Everyone,

I want to be welcome here and promote my game which I'm also launching on this network but I'm faced with hurdles every move I make.

I have never claimed to be a blogger I have only said that I am a computer savvy developer. I have heard blogging is a different world, but I'm here regardless to promote my game and bring the users something innovative and fun. I'm going to continue to cross post but will take a little more care in tagging and making sure all the links are related to smoke.

HashKings is a cannabis game for everyone, it's a fun educational tool which can also earn you rewards. It's not exclusive which means I allow everyone to play, even if they have no idea about cannabis. Light one up and relax :)

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would not consider this currency worth much at all

I don't understand why you're here if not for the rewards. Smoke is worthless? Coming from a top 30 witness it's shocking. It's been 4 months since mainet and you talk about being listed on top exchanges which costs a bomb. Better to allocate resources SENSIBLY into achieving the road map? @Smokeyjay001 has over 800 posts, are you saying he has added more value than @hash? No one is asking you not to promote the game, when general users are asked not to cross post, there shouldn't even be a necessity to tell that to a witness.

This place is cool, but its not special

Speak for yourself. So far this has been beyond special to me. The reason? The community and how they strive to keep this place cannabis related.


When I say its not special I mean its a copy of another blockchain. Those kinda of things happen all the time and is not special. The coin is worthless because you cant trade it for a profit unless you want to drive the value down even more. Sure I was angry and was lashing out. Again, I was just crossposting my game post, I guess you are just not as excited as me.


If it's just a copy and it's easy to build I suggest you get on that before the game so you can promote your game easily on that platform. Give it some freaking time dude! Why should anyone pay and buy land in your game? What value does it have? Isn't that worthless? Quality drives value.

" I'm going to continue to cross post " --- Good luck with that.

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 10.47.58.png

You have already made it painfully obvious you not here to create value and consider SMOKE "worthless"


I'll take that in to consideration.


Oh i see u must have muted me or something.


You forgot the rest of the sentence


Speaking of value.. not sure what's going on but doesn't seem like you have even posted once.


I invested in this platform. Sure I went on holiday but as you can see before that. . I mostly spend my time here finding plagiarism/crossposting to flag so that this place stays topical. It is a thankless gig (often with blowback), which I already accept.


@hash Ive made 172 posts since i got here like a month ago. I took the time to set up a witness which I have to pay for monthly. If you invested then you should really consider what it is you are accomplishing by flagging my posts. Just because you paid money for tokens doesn't make you the police or top dog. Contribute by being kind especially in a cannabis community. I have repeatedly said I am launching my game on this network. Which means I earn liquid smoke which means I want the price to go up so its worth something. I would not consider this currency worth much at all. We are not on coinbase/binance or bittrex and if you were to sell the 150k+ you have you may also realize my point I was making with that. You don't know me, if you did, you would have a much different attitude but I will forgive your ignorance and keep spreading love. I hope for your sake and other investors that smoke will increase in value. I do see that happening but this place really needs to be more inclusive. Its cold here, let's warm it up some.

this is not a fighting ground pals, spread love, no need to keep grudges.

I'm interested in what you launch on the smoke network, but I'm not interested in this kind of drama, get it together man.

Hey there.
I'm an "off-topic" poster.

Since your title
"Not Welcome on Smoke?"
is very similar to the one I recently made
" Off-Topic Not Allowed?"
I thought I'd give it a read... but nothing in the post says anything about it.

The comments.... are a different story.

  1. I don't know what chiraagnd is quoting.
  2. "Good luck" with cross posting? Well, it can certainly be a hassle, but it can also be done: Smoke, Weku, ello, Yours, Cent, Minds, Memo, Bitbacker, Honest.

And that's it, although that last one is quite a long convo.
I don't know why you're trashing the smoke coin.
I wish I had more context. Maybe you can provide it?


I'm not trashing the smoke token. I was only saying that right now its not worth much. Thats a fact look on rudex. However thats not stopping me from still posting and bringing the game to smoke. I'm one man and cant do everything at once. I am also a man of my word. Its like 10 times easier to launch on steem so I went that route first. When i launch the beta soon I will then begin work on smoke. Thats its. No need to flag my posts because I haven't made the game yet. I think is a good idea and i support it but I wont be ridiculed and alienated by the witnesses here.


Yes I should have used off topic