HashKings Weekly Update #2

5 months ago


#Accomplishments and road-ahead

2 Weeks Ago

Players Guide One- Completed ✅
Witness Upgraded to 0.0.6- Completed ✅
Forked Steem-State to create HashKings Tokens with smoke-state- Completed ✅
Migrate Qwoyn.io (The HashKings Interface) to AWS- Completed ✅
Hired 3D Graphics Designer- Completed ✅

Last Week

Players Guide Two ✅
Setup Smoke RPC Node 🤞 (ON HOLD)
Website Go Live at Qwoyn.io ✅
Create Test Tokens ✅
Partnership with @canna-curate

This Week Ahead

Players Guide Three 🤞
Acquire HashKings.com Domain Name (~4500USD) 🤞
Migrate HashKings Discord Server to [Canna-Curate Discord (2 Week Process) 🤞
Redefining business Plan to include new marketing partnership with @canna-curate 🤞

#HashKings #Commitments to Smoke.io

Witness Voting is Easy

Endorsements and Highlights

There were some great posts written this week which we re-smoked on our page. Please show take a look and show some love.

@li-art Video promotion for smoke.io , Stop Motion with clay and cannabis ;) Smoker Tree !!! [13 th animation] (88)
@blackman Introducing Smokelive vine for Smoke-network

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Congratulations we are heading to the moon


To mars!!!

Looking really good King!! Getting all these ducks in order is going to set this game off!