HashKings is Coming to Smoke!

6 months ago

We are happy to announce the decision to include the Smoke Community in our HashKings game launch!


After careful consideration, research and talking to community members we have decided to launch on the Smoke Blockchain. This deployment will take some new development resources a new direction and lots of support from the Smoke Community. In order for us to accomplish this we are asking for your help.

How can I help?

The easiest way for us to gather resources is by asking you to spread the word about HashKings, invite folks to the Discord Channel and participate in our Alpha program.

Spreading the word is simple, upvote this Post, share it, resteem it, share it on Medium, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Platforms. Let folks know how important it is to get those Gen0 Seeds and outdoor Hashkings Planet Plots!

Create an invite or use our Official Discord Link to invite people to our Server. Our Devs are friendly and always open to suggestions and questions. We have an open door policy!

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This is still a bit unclear to me @hashkings. According to your whitepaper the game runs on ETH. Will the game actually run on top of Smoke blockchain using json same way Steem Monsters do over on the Steem blockchain. If not, why not?


My apologies, this is Version 1 of the white paper I wrote when only Ethereum and Ethereum Classic were on the list of Blockchains I would be launching on. Since discovering Steem/Smoke I have made the decision to run it on these networks as well. I will update the WhitePaper to Include the Steem/Smoke launch. To answer your question, yes we will utilize and run on top of the smoke blockchain! Thanks for your great question!


Awesome, that is just what I was hoping for @hashkings, then you have my full support! 😀

I have actually been dabbling around with creating my own Steem, or Smoked based game. I hope to be able to make an alpha release for it and get the ball rolling sometime next year. My game idea is not that cannabis related btw! 😅


Thats great man, if you need any help I can try to give you pointers.

Glad to see your account went through. Welcome to Smoke!


Helps when community leaders are open to new projects. @stoner you da man! What a great place this is going to be! Happy to be part of it!

Glad to see you made it!!! Welcome to SMOKE!!!


Thanks for having me!


Of course, i mean it makes sense for you to promote your game here! Hope you get in touch with all the right smokers😊

cool...what is hashkings?


haha, nice, i was thinking the same, and then i rolled one ...




The latest creation by Qwoyn. Farm crypto weed, breed and sell seeds in the market. Come up with new strains or recreate your favorites.


Thanks for the reply @hashkings! Time to grow the digital garden..sounds like fun 👍 Will give it a try when it's ready..

So where can i play?


Hi thanks for your inquiry. The game is in alpha at the moment and land can be purchased/traded/sold at https://opensea.io


Will it be cross-blockchain? If I purchase land using ETH, can it then be swapped?

So is this going to be on one blockchain, cross-chain or many connected to a centralized service? Sounds interesting


Each Blockchain will have their own game. Thanks for asking!


cool, keep us updated on how it's coming along, it sounds perfect for the smoke network 👌

Was definitely looking forward to this when I read your proposal for the game on steem blockchain


yay!!! So happy to have people excited about this. I can't wait to bring this game to you!

Great, I'd like to try this :)

☺ welcome to the smoke network and i hope your brought Canaoizza (from a discord bot) lol

welcome and can't wait for its deployment.


Thanks! Excited to be here :)

Oh I saw the post on Steem and thought it would be cool to have it on smoke and here you are. Awesome. I can't wait to play it.


Hell ya! Just makes sense to me and everyone in this great community. Thanks for your interest. Hope to see you on discord. https://discord.gg/HddQC59

Great... Looking forward it

Welcome to the network! I'm looking forward to seeing your interesting game idea unfold on the blockchain...


Thanks alot!