Hashkings and Canna-Curate form Partnership

8 months ago

Original Post can be found on Steemit

We are so happy to announce that we are officially part of the @Canna-Curate Family!

In an effort to give you the best possible experience and make #HashKings the number one Crypto Cannabis Game on the Smoke/Steem Blockchain we have taken this big step! Moving forward Qwoyn.io will be incorporated in the new #Canna-Curate Website when finished


This brand new website will feature GHRO Radio and Hashkings. We will also make it easy for our steemit partners who have delegated to @canna-curate and our clients to keep up with their Steemit accounts on our platform. We strive to make Canna-Curate the Decentralized Portal for all things Weed and beyond!

Play Hashkings, listen to the radio and take advantage of Canna-Curate's Marketing Tools all in one place!

With this #partnership we have decided to combine the HashKings #Discord Server and the Canna-Curate Discord Server. Canna-Curate Discord is an active cannabis community with over 350 members. Helps double the size and move over to Canna-Curate which is now the place to to stay up-to-date with HashKings Developments, earn campaign rewards, trade and show off your assets and chat with Knowledgeable Cannasseurs

Please join the Canna-Curate Server and be part of this exciting change! 2019 has arrived along with Canna-Curate the #1 cannabis curator on Smoke and Steemit


We do not ask for donations but you can help by Voting for hashkings Witness on Smoke.io

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Well said. Canna Curate really is a special place. In reality it’s more then just a place it’s more of an idea for a better tomorrow for everyone. A place to network, a place to chill and forget. A place to learn, a place to teach. The list goes on and on.


This is where I want to be really sarcastic and be like Fuck canna. But then sarcasm is hard to get over the net. But yeah...canna is pretty cool.

All joking aside. This is exciting news and to witness collaboration via blockchain is an awesome sight to see!

This move is so perfect! Only took a few hours to get used to it, it seems that hashkings was here all along!

Joining canna-curate was exciting to me not just because they have been supportive of my project in Africa but because they are good at what they do.

The channel is one of the best. no form of division and animosity within the folks there. Am joining the new discord immediately.

Thank you for the work you do and i do enjoy your Green House Radio.