Creator of, Stoner live on Fried Radio

2 years ago

Come listen to @stoner and @hashking

Fried Radio Proudly Presents
An Evening with @stoner

Have you heard the creator of speak before? Would you like to? Head on over to the Canna-Curate Discord and listen in at 10pm PST Friday 12/21/2018.

As always we will be giving away some plots of land and Stoner might even have some gifts for us.

Fried Radio is the place for smokers to listen to music, chat with Developers, learn about HashKings and win prizes all while having a blast

Hope to you see you there!


Proud Member and Sponsor of @canna-curate


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I will be watching it for sure! Would love to know more about the vision for the future of SMOKE and development of Dapps.
Are you taking any questions from members here to ask @stoner?


Sure am, if you have questions go ahead and post them here. I will also be taking live questions during the show. Thanks for you interest I am also very excited to hear about the future of


I would like to know what is the business plans to drive smoke price up? I read before about the publicity with manta advertisements and that revenue will be spend 50% in marketing and 50% in buying back smoke and burning it. More specifically i would like to know if there are more ideas to generate revenue and what can be done to bring dispensaries to sign up for smoke.
Would be great if in the future we could buy products using SMOKE and even if dispensaries would offer discounts for people using SMOKE to buy their products.

good work! i have voted you for witness! congratulations @hashkings !


Thank you very much! Happy you enjoyed it, I'll be posting it soon for others to see.


Thanks a lot and good luck! RESMOKED!

Looking forward to it.

ah man... that's like 6am on a Sat morning... ugh... I'm never gonna hear my alarm go off that early


Its like 6am for me too. Im gonna have to turnt up that alarm hard. :')


I actually made it! And I really liked what you had to say.

Oh and... THANKS for the giveaway... I've powered up immediately!


I'll make it available on Dtube and Ytube, it will have the music edited out though. Much more fun to join at 6am. Kids watch cartoons and you listen to Fried Radio! haha


I actually made it ;) Was well worth wake'n'baking early today :D

I meant to catch last weeks but Crashed out crazy early that night - making a point of tuning in this Frieday :)


Will be looking for you friday!

Missed by a High

that's cool i cant miss that