We already have the sweatshirts in our power + the "i" of paid they have eaten ...

last year

Hello Smokers finally we have the sweatshirts and less bad because the time is on us since very early morning we took the plane to Amsterdam.

I realized too late that the gray sweatshirt, that of a woman ... mine, it lacks the i of paid and now it puts pad ... I only have to paint the i with a marker.

This has been a very quick publication just to inform you of the acquisition and tell you that we will take it through Amsterdam with great pride.

I'm not sure if I can upload photos from my phone to Smoke but if I get it I'll be updating the tour through the Dutch country.


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Nice sweatshirts @green-der! 😉
How long are you in Amsterdam for?
Do check out the Rifman hash on either of the Dampkring coffeshops if you get the chance. It's the best hashish I have found on my 8 trips to Amsterdam so far.😃


Thanks @xtetraedro, they are very warm! We go for a week. Thank you very much for the recommendation we will search it to tasted it hahaha.


Let me know what you think about it after you have gotten a hold of some 😃

Cool man! Shoud make some contest and sent a hoodie to a winner or make it possible to buy with smoke :D


What a good idea! although in principle we have done it to promote Smoke in the trip to Amsterdam that we started tomorrow.
Thank you!

Cool looking sweatshirts. I like them.


Thank you! :)

Woo! Smoke.io in Amsterdam!!! Gooo Smoke!

Man this must jsut be hard for people.
I got a shirt and the green is off and she changed the font


Now ... well I took the files ... he told me he had to touch up to be able to make the impression. But we like them after all :)


They look great but guess they can't read haha