Great news! in Jam Sessions of Amsterdam and Barcelona by Dj Daniel Quiros. [+ 30 smokes in play]

6 months ago

Hi smokers, I hope you are all super happy and that they are even more happy when they read what I am going to tell you.

As some of you know we have an account on Instagram @greender.spain in which we promote the platform and we become followers of all accounts related to the Cannabica culture, from crops to music.

Surely many of you have ever attended or heard about the Jam Sessions.
These sessions are held in halls, pubs, associations, coffee shops, even outdoors.

Can you imagine in some of the Jam sessions?

Well I bring very good news. Through Instagram I have met Daniel Quiros and before you wonder who he is, I present it to you.

Dj Daniel Quiros

Daniel Quiros is a professional Disc jockey from Málaga. Behind his back and with pleasure he has a musical career of more than twenty years. During the nineties he played bass and guitar in Rock bands. It was from 1998 that he decided to focus on his career as a DJ until today.

Settled between the cities of Amsterdam and Barcelona, his name Dj Daniel Quiros has become popular among the Dj cannabis scene, and it's no wonder.

Expert in creating the perfect environment and connect with the crowd. Their mixes go from the old classics to the last tracks. It plays almost all musical styles, Reggae, Funk, Rock, Ska, Metal, Hip Hop, Deep house, Techno, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass. He enjoy spreading his Dj-sets at Coffee Shops, Cannabis Clubs and Cannabis Cup of the cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Malaga, Marbella and Granada.

The Dj has a long list of places where he has played his sets. Here are some of them:

banner danielquiros.png

Siberie coffeeshopLa kalada Social ClubMo faya Social Club-MarbellaSala Planta Baja
The kashmir lounge coffeeshop059 club Social ClubZen CulturalBar Patapalo
Easy times coffeeshopGreenardo AssociationLa invisible - Social and Cultural CenterYoshiwara club
Cafe SoundgardenAranua Social ClubEl ArtSenalClub La Guardilla
Hannekes BoomBella bestia afromusic BarLevel BarClub 113

He has also performed at major events, such as:

Queen's day, King´s day, Amsterdam Kookt,
Magneet festival IV, V and VI,Vrijplaats Festival-Leiden, Kiteboard Open XII-Noordwijk, ADE-Amsterdam Dance Events.




You can also follow him in:

cono instagrasm.png co facebook.png


Well, now that you know who Daniel Quirós is, I have to tell you that we have been talking about the platform.

I mentioned that it is a decentralized social platform designed for the cannabis community. Where users can share their own content related to cannabis and be rewarded with SMOKE, the cryptocurrency of the platform.

Something that sounded great to him!

I was telling you that one of our goals at @green-der is to make the platform known to the Hispanic cannabis community. This was interesting, well actually I think everything was interesting because we reached a collaboration agreement.

Do you remember the sweatshirts we took on our trip to Amsterdam?

sudaderas dobles.png

Well, our Friend Daniel Quiros, has proposed to wear a shirt or sweatshirt with the logo of the platform in some of the sessions he makes for Barna (Barcelona) and Amsterdam.

This is wonderful!

I have arranged to personally bring Daniel the promotional items. In this way I can explain better the usability of the platform and the different ways in which you can participate and contribute to it and be rewarded.

For this reason I have come up with a great idea for Daniel to see that we are an active community where there are people who are interested and interested in the content that is being created.

So, friends Smokers, we are going to distribute 30 Smokes among all the users that leave in this post a welcome comment for Daniel Quiros and two reasons why he should join
  • If the comment does not contain two reasons to join will not be included in the reward to be distributed.
  • The 30 Smokes will be distributed to the users once the publication reaches 7 days of life.

We want people to come, right? Well let's encourage people to do it. It would be great to find more people like Daniel willing to collaborate in the diffusion of!


Original content provided by

logo greender.png

If you liked this post, fire it up!

Smoke, Get Paid,Repeat

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Speaker resource: Designed by Freepik.
Permission of Daniel Quiros for the use of the images for the creation of cover and banners.

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One of the best ways to promote us is offchain. You can explain and introduce so much better. Why he should join?
Because we support creative people that have any connections with weed. We have one morr good dj in here. @xtetrahedron
He could promote his music and spread audience. And as last. He can smoke, get paid and repeat.
Also, Engagement with his audience and community is a great way for artists to spread the word about themselves without being censored.

Welcome to and hipe you have a great jurney! Hope to hear you soon here.


So is! Thank you very much for the comment and the examples. you know! You are included in the reward!

My word this is some fabulous work for the community, and such rich content in your posts. I'm gonna be taking a listen later also to some of Dan's soundcloud. Hope to see his own blog here soon!
2 reasons to join - smoke, get paid! Repeat!

  • Use capacity and spare time promoting work you already do, and get more mileage from it (cannabis related permitting, including stoner influenced DJ sets)
  • Meet a like minded community, which means people who will be willing to help spread the word for you further and wider than any social network ever could because when people share what they love they also earn from it (curation)

Thank you very much!! for your kind words and for sharing these two reasons to join the platform. You are within the distribution of reward.

Thank you very much !!!

Really awesome job @green-der :) Just the kind of exposure needed. Out of many, here are just a few reasons to join,

  1. Decentralized platform, so no worry of being censored.
  2. Daily dose of various educational posts and videos about cannabis.
  3. The most supportive community (as long as it's on topic)
  4. Nugporn and strain reviews.

This is every stoners paradise ;)


Thank you very much for your comment and for exposing these reasons to join
You are right it is the perfect paradise! Ahh! You are included in the distribution of rewards.