Mah Hempzels came and they gave me extra stuff

4 months ago

So I love pretzels and my favorite pretzels of all time are Hempzels.


I have spent many summers at porcfest in NH and every time I go, I spend the whole week eating Hempzels.


Then I'll usually bring home a couple dozen to keep in the freezer


and about a week later I have to do the "wait til next year" move.


The Hempzel guy is now doing online shipping and so I placed an order.


Shawn is a super cool guy and very knowledgeable on hemp and cannabis. He always hosts a 420 meet and greet at the hempzel

site at porcfest's Agora Valley and his presence there, complete with "probably reggae" music and picnic tables ends up being the center of a kind of "weed" city for the entire week.


Hempzels are made with hempseeds and he serves them hot with 5 or six different options like "spicy" or "sweet cinnamon".


He also sent me a garlic jam that is my new favorite of all the jams and some classic spicy hemp seed mustards.





I was pleasantly surprised that I got a huge bag of hard pretzels which helped me not to ferally just use my fingers against the the garlic(k) jam (don't put it past me LOL )that I am very much enjoying. products.jpg

If you like pretzels I would encourage you to go ahead and make an order as hempzel's has just updated their website or by using the mail order information which is also listed here ......


Hempzel's HIGHly recommended

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They sound great, I wish they were available in Canada.


i think he does ship to Cann-ada

Hempzels?! Those sound epic! Do you think they'd ship internationally? Lol


i believe he does.. hard pretzels travel well for sure and the hemp seed mustard and jams and sodas . not sure on the soft pretzels.