COMMUNITY BONFIRE ...Yule be Stoked!

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21 days ago

The long running Community Bonfire in Maine is a very popular community led event.


It cann be scene as an exercise in agorism and voluntaryism that happens about 4 times a year,

Click Here for the link to the INTERVIEWs video from the Bonfire


or on horrible You tube

deep in the woods of the great New England state of Maine.


This year's spring event was very well attended and the tickets, as usual, sold out straight away.


There was, as always, great music and food in addition to the raging bong fires that were happening all around the area. The official start time of the event was 4:20, of course, and parking was hot & box-y.


Thankfully official LOUD Reggae Music was provided by the very talented Long Arm Rex


a New England based band, playing original songs. They were amazing and


set the vibe right for sure.


Mainers are still waiting on cannabis they voted for 20 years ago(seemingly) as the legal shops have been slow to roll out all those cannagars.


They thankfully have had home grow and medicinal for a few years now

IMG_20210410_214534495.jpgand have decriminalized possession, so there is a grey market that is actually quite good,


all things cannsidered .


A few years ago we were in Portland


and were almost immediately approached by a nice lady looking to trade us medicated honey for some fiat.


we obliged, and it was awesome


Maine has a great cannabis culture, and the state has benefited from the emerging cannabis market. The legislators there had initially sought to protect the industry from being taken over by well funded outsiders, as many of the legal states have. Ambitious groups like 4Front and Curaleaf are dominating the national weed scene because of the culture of crony capitalism, that's been enabled by the unconstitutional prohibition and regulation of the cannabis plant.


In spite of Maine's intentions there is now a legal battle over the Vacation State's anti outsider policy. If they lose the state would be open for business to out-of-staters. The people of Maine are still fighting to hash out an agreeable solution, while local folks fill the void with small craft cannabis.

Budds from buds only!


THC-lebrity advocates Danny Danko and Rick Naya were some of the interesting folks at the event. I find it remarkable how there is always Such a nice community vibe at these events, and everybody is so laid back. no egos, just good vibes respect and common goals around the achievement of liberty.


and in the meantime the states' rec shop move meant a blessing via local taxes for the taxed local economies and jobs for the folks living in the other wise "zoomba disgraced" state ( No, it wasn't Bangor) which thankfully are open for business right on time for some..? ... "tour-ism".

Maine has a long and rich tradition of cannabis, going back to when it was still part of the state of Massachusetts. The Bay Colonies played a major role in the international cordage and sail industry of that time.


The locals in Maine, are growing a ton of weed and the extracts and lobstery pre-rolls

are seemingly everywhere.


Here and Now, Its Just. A ton of mostly unregulated small craft cannabis,


the way it should be.

photo from here



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