Burnin At Vernon

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8 months ago


Well one of the best places you can go between Boston and New York for food is the Vernon diner it’s open 24 hours a day and they have breakfast all day long


I ended up going with the breakfast burrito huevos rancheros version (there’s options) wow!


Robert the great opted for a simple 2egg bacon and potato combo from their amazing breakfast menu also they have incredible deserts baked here in house


It’s pretty close to Fourth of July so E0FF2901-1CE4-4749-82B6-E21344752191.jpeg
We ended up grabbing a few of these rat cakes


Then we saw these old fords


from back when They used hemp for fuel. I tried telling the guy that these cars Where are designed to run on hemp that was grown here in our country but he didn’t understand what I was talking about

I think he thought I was trying to sell him weed


.. oh well


Anyway if you’re ever in Connecticut and you’re near the Vernon diner you should go there


Especially if you’re like us and you’re smoking some dank ass Dela haze


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That’s a og pipe! People that get a glance of you hitting that will get their heads turned around, lol

Awesome car! My buddies dad has a 1928 model t and they are a pain in ass to start, props to the guy for knowing that much!

Hanging out with you could result in being very stoned combined with a subscription to weight-watchers! LOL Nice bong BTW... Give me Cannabis Liberty or Death Bitches!

Liberty or bust!