Unbelievable: This House is made up off Marijuana/ Hemp stems.

9 months ago

Cannabis itself is a multipurpose plant, we all are convinced with that because of its various use cases from medicine to garment materials. I have been using bags/ t-shirt made out of hemp fibers which are produced locally here. But never ever imagined something like a commercial house out of Hemp/Cannabis plants.

But this blew my mind when I was this news in a local online media a few minutes ago and so wanted to share with you all.

According to the news source, the owner of the house has planned to use it commercially as a homestay which has 22 rooms in total.

But the frame of the house is still made with cement and concrete with modern standard and the walls and partitions are done with cannabis plants.

Here is the Local news source, but the language isn't English.

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My friend: We're all out of weed, what do we do?


This made me laugh harder than it should have.

Great find!

Less concrete is awesome, concrete has a massive carbon footprint and while it does absorb CO it also has still relatively poor recycling standards.

Wonder whether those walls do absorb CO. At least they will be easier to recycle and should also have great insulation levels.


I read that Hemp stems also absorb CO from the environment and helps to minimize CO level around us.