Paraguay to Grant Five Licenses for Production of Medical Cannabis

2 years ago

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While struggling to fight organized crime and international drug trafficking, Paraguay, the Latin American state bordered by Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia, has decided to set up a medical cannabis industry . The government has just announced the imminent agreement of five cultivation licenses.

Make medical cannabis available

In 2017, Paraguay passed a law allowing the controlled production of cannabis and its derivatives, as well as the importation of plants and seeds. Promulgated in 2018 by the president , this law opened the door to a local medical cannabis industry, but the various institutions involved (Health, Agriculture, General Secretariat of Antidrug Control, National Quality Service and Plant Health) had yet to establish the criteria for regulation of this industry. This is almost done since, this week, the various ministers presented their project to the president.


"We are in the process of defining the criteria according to which the licenses will be granted. We are talking here about exclusively medical production, " says the minister of the National Secretariat for the fight against drugs . "Today, it has been decreed that 5 licenses will be granted to 5 companies. We are working on the issue, all institutions develop their prerequisites and their control protocols. Today, we are about to complete the prerequisites and we are going to examine the companies that are applying for a license ". The minister also suggested that after this first phase, five additional licenses could be granted.

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So Paraguay is joining on the medical team. Well even one step forward is a step closer.

Yeah Paraguay been a long time weed producer...though it used to be of very poor quality.
I remmember smoking tons of it when i was living in Brazil, it usually comes in those compressed bricks, and has tons of seeds and stems...but it was cheap and abundant ;)

Kuddos for them to starting to work on the legalization...its a long way to go to a country located in a midst of a huge drug trafficking ring, but hey, you gotta start somewhere ;)

Thanks for the share!