Ireland: Medicinal cannabis access programme is now operational

2 years ago

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The project, which is being tested for five years, will facilitate access to cannabis products. Led by Health Minister Simon Harris, the law will apply to just three medical conditions: nausea or vomiting related to chemotherapy treatment, to individuals with multiple sclerosis, or to severe epileptic cases. These restrictions are intended to make these measures exceptional, and the requirements will be given only as a "last resort," in the words of Simon Harris.

The latter had announced the legalization two years ago, but the subject returned to the front of the scene a few weeks ago. These delays are related, in particular, to the difficulty of finding suppliers of quality products, since the United Kingdom does not currently have a medically approved market for this substance. The Ministry of Health has moved closer to Denmark, the European pioneer in the export of medical cannabis , but also to Canada, the leader in this international market . Discussions with the German and Dutch markets are also underway. Ireland has indicated, however, that the country could in the near future grow its own cannabis.

Despite these advances, the minister said that the legalization of medical cannabis would not be the first step towards the decriminalization of recreational cannabis, a concern that often came back during the debates. An open letter has been written by an association of doctors, warning about the risks involved in taking drugs, and should not be underestimated, "especially for adolescents," they specify.


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Please put at least somewhere in your news article a source link. Whether as a source at the bottom, or in the post as a link.

Medical use was legalized for at least two years already in Ireland. First legalization passing in 2016.


I think you just have to read the post first before finding any fault.

''The latter had announced the legalization two years ago, but the subject returned to the front of the scene a few weeks ago.''

This was clearly written on the post, but its glaring you don't read the post.

My bad on not given a proper source to the post i published, but i just gather few informations from the official twitter account of Simon Harris TD. However, you can also read the news about the legalisation here


Then your post's title ” Ireland: Ministry of Health Announces Legalization of Medical Cannabis ” is misleading clickbait, arguably even upsmoke bait.

The legalization was existing already. First availability is the topic. Making your first sentence wrong too. Why do you want me to read any further if I know both are wrong, and a quick online search confirms that?

I stand by my case. It's, to use your term, glaringly misleading. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Alright then! Thanks for pointing that out. ✌
Would try and change it!


No worries. It’s not always easy and everyone likes a good title.

Sometimes the headline writes itself. Other times, like here I’m thinking, the story is great but an appropriate headline, which also sounds catchy, can be a massive struggle.

Tip for such cases, in order to not mislead: try to expose the huge gap in time between legislation passing and final availability in the title. Something along lines of “More than two years after passing legislation medical marijuana finally available to Irish patients”.
It is almost as attractive and due to the use of terms like finally the click trigger gets more oomph.