Canada: Regulations for edibles, topicals and concentrates are ready

2 years ago

Health Canada has just published its final regulations for the second wave of legalization, edibles, topicals and concentrates. They will enter into effect on October 17th as planned. However, the federal agency also announced that the products will not be available for sale until mid-December.


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Final regulations differ little from the preliminary regulations issued by Health Canada last December. They include THC limits per package, restrictions on additives (no nicotine or alcohol for example) and packaging restrictions. It also stipulates that the label must contain a standardized cannabis leaf, a health warning message, the THC and CBD content of the products, the list of ingredients and allergens and the conditions of use of the product.

Additional regulations specify that products must not be attractive to young people or be associated with the consumption of alcohol or tobacco. Nor should they claim to have medicinal properties; the edibles can not claim to the virtues dietary and the topical ones to cosmetic virtues. With packaging almost identical for all and the impossibility to praise the merits, the marketing of these products is already complex.


As the legalization of flowers and cannabis oils scheduled for July 1, 2018 but postponed to October 17, the second wave of legalization will be postponed by two months. The regulations will come into effect on October 17th, but the first products will only be marketed in December, around the 16th. This period must allow license holders to express their intention to produce and sell topical, edible or concentrated products.


This delay means that the products will not be available before the federal election to be held on October 21st. Thus, it will be the next government to take care of the administrative management of this second wave of legalization. In general, cannabis will be an important election issue and some will not fail to criticize the management of legalization by the Trudeau government.

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