Coinmarketcap delisting SMOKE coin???

last year

Just wanted to see the cost of #smoke and was unpleasantly surprised(((
Earlier I typed "smoke" in the search field on #coinmarketcap and immediately found the desired one.
Now I can not find anything on this request ((
Is this a #bug or a smoke sabotage?

but if you go on the old SMOKE link then you can find what you need! It's strange!

And we have no active #markets

# WTF ?

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There is a bug with the Bitshares API which reports zero volume. Because of that no activity for any of the BTS UIA can reported (unless they also trade on a not-BTS DEX).
All BTS assets are down:

You can see the bug here in the daily volume (cryptofresh is the data feed used, as also linked on BTS assets page on CMC):

Until Bitshares has fixed that, there will be no reporting.

yes.. its not active market.. i dicovered yesterday.. all its 0.00% stoped. :O i dont know what mean that.. maybe its some about upload.. who knows..


Show must go on!

I wouldn't worry about it much.

Nothing to worry about imo 👍