A dispensary on the blockchain..

5 months ago

Well imagine my surprise when the other day I saw a introduction post for a dispensary in Denver called @stickyfingerz .. so today since I was in the market for some cannabis and I was in Denver I just had to stop by...


This is the owner Avi.. He was stoked to hear that I had heard about him on the STEEM blockchain.. I told him needed to step his game up and get on Smoke.io too..


Inside the dispensary..


The bud tender... talked me into 2 ounces for $180..


My purchases.. 1 ounce of Chem Lemonade..


And a half of each of the other two..



Join me tomorrow on #themorningbowl for a smoke session of one of these..

Peace out ya'll.. Dave


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Pillow Factory,
a day strain, right?... :P


It's a heavy indica hybrid..

Would be glad seeing him on smoke too, nice selections there.


I told him about it.. even showed him my wallet and my blog... I think he'll be here soon

Blockchain and weed rocks!

I see he only accepts cash.
You should also tell him about Palmpay.
A free Android app, to accept one or more cryptocurrency with your Bitshares account, at zero costs.

Really good deal on 2 oz, gotta do a review of em! :D


I will.. gotta say I tried the Chem Lemonade... 💣💣