Rishi556, your concerns with smoke.

10 months ago

@rishi556, if that is your handle on here, if that's actually you, here are some things about this smoke blockchain.

It is 100% centralized. There was core code changed without an actual consensus of witnesses, rather, what steem now has - A nice list of shell accounts used and voted for by other shell accounts, to put them in the top and allow them to make core changes without the permission of any other witnesses who are actually different people and not a core group of "devs" (laughable to even call stoner and baabeetaa that, considering how poorly they've done with this place, with all the potential it has/had.) essentially installing a bandwidth system no one wanted or asked for and only stupid people who weren't even witnesses to begin with, supported. The point is, it's steem 2.0. The "smoke team" kept tens of millions of smoke back in their various accounts and alts, in the name of "for use for future development" but you can see them selling off thru alt accounts and it's honestly just sad. lol. I'm here for the meme of a chain it's become and to hopefully turn it around once I surpass indica in stake, which won't be too much longer now. :-) If people want to play the puppet account witness game, I'm all for it, I'll outperform anyone here in various ways. I already post on multiple accounts and these dipshits support me while bashing this cluster. LOL. I digress...

What's happened here is they've shut me out at the core/code level before. When I threatened legal action, they changed their minds because they no doubt talked to lawyers who ensured them it was highly illegal for them to continue to block my funds/ability to move said funds as well as my ability to even interact with the chain to begin with. Either way, my ability to perform actions was restored to the chain and shortly after, I was un "muted" (removed from baabeetaa's newly added "spam account" list on the code which stops you from showing up on ANY front-end that connects to smoke's node. LOL! A sad attempt to assault my perfectly blockchain legal, actions. Pathetic.) because I threatened legal action for them trying to single me out and stop me from exercising my blockchain rights. It's illegal to create a whole premise just to target one person. :-)

In the beginning, while waiting months and months and months on end, leading up to a year and a half or so, I commented silently on old posts of mine on this account cluster, to get a silent roi on this cluster without disturbing the flow of the blockchain and causing spammy shit to be all over the new posts and thus, visible to the eyes of the public. I had a minor impact, doing the minimum amount. People had issues with that and decided to flag (their right.) so my rebuttal was to start testing the strength of the blockchain in funny ways that would trigger them (I posted them sucking each other off and shit, ofc, it was censored, no actual dicks showed, i made sure. I wasn't going to go full nsfw on them.) and then they got mad about it, so I kept it up. I was testing the integrity of the chain and what I found was that the chain was unstable. I stopped. They kept talking shit, chain was fixed, I began stress testing again. Story has been told a million times, but you can see it for yourself if you go back in the chain some, should you even give a shit to.

I've always been against flagging just because of disagreement in posting minimally only for an roi, when it's done properly and not affecting others, and others don't feel the same way so they acted against me. I see this all as an investment, minus this account cluster which is my "fuck with low IQ fucks and have fun" cluster. :-) Either way, what I found was that I was also able to clear the "new" page by posting "ghost" posts (posts using a random JSON "app" element.) and upvote those, they would not show up except in the explorer and smoked tools and people still wanted to flag those, so I began to do them more, realizing at that point I could clear the "new" page by doing enough of them.

There were many problems that my actions brought attention to, that could have otherwise happened after mass adoption (something I, even being so negative about the state of things here, still believe is coming.) and caused a much, much larger userbase to be inconvenienced and possibly just say "fuck it" when it comes to this place. Those issues should be fixed now (not sure, haven't cared to check the core code knowing it can just be changed whenever, looking at this like a ponzi, already profitable, seeing how much more I can squeeze out now.) and if they are, it's thanks to me testing the integrity of the chain, despite the fact people hate on me cuz I did it by spamming them sucking each other off and masturbating to each other and shit, which caused the "smoke team" to (finally) take action. (The smoke team was also only on alts and not responding on their main accounts during a large portion of this, so people were like "where the fuck is the smoke team at??" and couldn't get in touch with them or heard shit thru their alts and the alts said they had "talked to stoner" or "talked to baabeetaa" and it was all thru the grapevine and poorly pretended, honestly. The team was here the whole time, playing on alts instead of easing the community's concerns about the issues arising from my chain testing.)

All-in-all, it's pretty obvious the "smoke team" is only here for gains and put the minimum effort in to get this place up and running, so they could get people investing and milk the incoming funds. It's been a true shitshow, but smoke has dropped so low in value because of the ignorance and unwillingness of the smoke team or really anyone else, that's worth a fuck, that I'm honestly happy as fuck. I'm able to pump it a bit and these dipshits eat it up, while I buy it back en masse at 2/3 the cost and below. :-) It's definitely centralized, that much is certain. Indica is an alt of stoner/ baabeetaa and he votes his alt accounts which cash out. It's all right there on the chain, you can scan it back and see what's gone on and for how long and make your own calls. Facts are facts tho and that's what's happening here. A shitty steem2.0 team, which operates just like justin sun just did on steem. They put their shell accounts in top witness spots, using alt and smoke team withheld funds, so that they can do as they please with the code and force the other witnesses to just go along with it. If you're looking for decentralized, this is NOT the place LOL.

I've been dancing around with the idea of starting a new chain altogether, with no private pre-mine (ninja stake that steem had, that the "smoke team" has on here.) and a public announcement of the start of mining, where minimal amounts are held back for development. (There's no reason why anyone needs to keep millions back for "development" in the first place, it's bullshit said by those fuckboys ned and dan when they started steem, so that they could cash out later when the value rose and sell of their alt account earnings. It's a load of horse shit and it's most apparent here when you look at how there's been absolutely no development or promotion done in any measurable scale. It's just a fucking obvious ponzi. lol. I'm having fun tho, so fuck it.!) That is the only way that things are truly decentralized, when no one can just buy up a shit ton of ico or pre-existing coins. When the team in charge of development is not far ahead of the public and will only remain ahead if they put in the work and the time and effort which ned and dan never did, nor their team, nor this joke of a fucking "team" we have here on smoke, only then will they have to actually put the effort in to stay ahead. By letting these dumb fucks hold back shit for "development" we are just letting them keep a massive load for themselves which devalues the whole chain and all it's assets. Less is definitely more in crypto. When the supply is ridiculously low, each coin has more weight and more power, thus, having more value. These dumbasses don't understand that, or don't want to put in the effort, just have millions to cash out when it goes up to a price they like. It's pathetic.

Just facts, don't let indica lie to you either, firing up your own front-end AND your own full RPC won't allow you to interact with the chain still, should you cross them and they cut you out at the code level. I tried to do that and had to get on alts they didn't know about to call them out on it. Of course, it's highly illegal, so what makes me think there's some legitimacy is the fact they stopped blocking my access. It tells me that they do care to not go to jail, meaning it's not a full-on ponzi. LOL. The chain has all records of everything. If you're skilled enough with code and keywords, you can compile what truly happened here from the previous blocks. ;-) I've only ever defended myself and fought back against butthurt retards on here. I was never the initiator of shit. People just kept using my name in posts and talking shit, so I kept fucking with them like the dumb low IQ fucks they were. They're just salty and mad about being bested intellectually by me consistently day in and day out back then and even to this day. LOL. Take it for what it is.


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