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I told him if he didn't change topics, I would begin to add more accounts to the mix and clear the created page.

Tbh why should anybody listen to that? The only influence you have is how much (combined) SMOKE you can use. In your case that’s pretty minimal.

Nobody should let themselves be bullied by your double standards. You disapprove of people disagreeing with your comment selfvoting, so you should not want a say in what others do either because you don’t want them to say anything about your acts.

Looking forward to your game tho, I do support any (related) new dapps.

... on building something unnecessary for something that is not even desired it will not have multiplayer at first.

Be lean. Ship fast, (fail fast,) ship often.

Design your backend and codebase to start with a (just about) playable game you can release new features for regularly. No need to have all “mixed with a strategy game, a management game, a battle/raid game, and an rpg” at launch already.

Add a new component every week/other week. Also much easier to hype and keep users active in early weeks/months of the game. Additionally, you can check whether the game works as faucet or not. No one wants to develop for months and then have something which doesn’t appeal.

Once players are hooked and keep returning, they will keep returning as long as there’s SMOKE to be earned. Even if it takes few weeks before the newest feature is added.


I believe the ability to be paid real money, in the form of smoke, is what will bring more actual new users to smoke.

Low token value is definitely a detractor to attract high quality content creators who can make a difference in both SEO and SMM. And yes, agreed, the ability to actually earn is what will attract, both creators and businesses.

With 50/50 there’s even a solid hook for businesses to HODL and not just consider everything merely liquidity. A smart biz could easily achieve a ROI higher than most medium risk hedge funds solely by creating a following and curating their commenters.

Of course, I'm still going to self vote, because not only do I want my roi still, it could potentially help me fund this project more than I currently can, in the future.

You should look into the case of @carnot / @sunflower / @bundo. Starting with less than combined 500SMOKE they outperformed your ROI by a multiple, merely by automated curation. And their frontrunning timing wasn’t even optimized for their respective stake. Nobody cared either because he distributed rather than just keep it for themselves.

On screens below 420px

I think the optimal breakpoint is still 639px. Mobile phones will get only larger, (W)QHD+ (1440p) is now common on (Android) flagship phones.
Any tablet with smaller width probably doesn’t have the computing power to run anything in a browser (and people could still run it in landscape, which is even on poor/older tablets usually at least 640px).

If you could earn $1 a day from...

Looking at faucets, people get hooked by $0.0008/day only. :D

All pettiness aside...

Tbh I care only about output/contributions. I think I have previously mentioned in a comment that you occasionally make some sound points and that if you were to focus on being a constructive contributor... the network would benefit from it. But for now, everyone knows “your average contributions”.

Personally, I think that’s a waste, a waste of what/who could potentially be a true mover/shaker in this community. Don’t worry about lesser quality contributors earning, most are HODLers (who try to add their best(*)) and they are the future “mini community curators”. Few larger token holders alone can not distribute to everyone if we have +200 contributions/day. We then also need a solid middle class. Curation rewards will then become the main earner for many as we will (hopefully) have a higher quality average.

(*) Sometimes it’s also important to see the evolution, progress people have made. Not everyone started as the finished product and evolution often takes longer than a year. Trust me... I won’t show anyone my first posts published in English. But I was lucky, I was hired within a year and put before a very demanding audience who pretty much slaughtered me in first few weeks. The need to level up fast was real. :D


Strategic game for smoke users definetly needs socialize spark.
Would be cool seeing risky stuff.
Might get more interest adding stuff like natural disasters at set levels even if thre is no visual parts of them.

You can use WhaleVault for account login:


Whalevault is a port of keychain to WLS/SMOKE/EOS/more. Although seems is only available in release form anymore.