Celebrating Another Milestone and Promoting Some of Our Favorite Content Creators + Witness Update

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Hi SmokeBros!!

Today we would like to celebrate our next milestone and promote the users that we think bring the true value to the smoke community and should be looked upon as an examples that could maybe help new users and even old ones to get more exposure and quality in their posts while engaging other users and making this platform even better place. We also had some changes with our witness node to wrap it up. Also, we would like to remind you that our “Ancient Weed” contest last for 2 more days (until 9th of December) and our poll for the Smoke.io feedback is still active, if you want to participate be sure to check that out.


Just wanted to start it off to say that we are happy and proud that we passed half of the way to 50 000 SMOKE POWER and currently we are at 26 000 and that is a 52% of our goal, thank you guys for your support, we wouldn’t be here without you fellow smokers. :D

Also, we are almost at 200 followers, which is one nice looking round number for the period of 75 days that this platform is founded. Also since our last post, we got a couple hundred users and we are now at 5340 and counting, we decided to mention account count in every post to show our growth as a community.

Our discord channel is becoming slightly ever so populated, now we have 60 SmokerBros there, if you didn’t by now we welcome all of you guys to join us here.

It seems that many users are confused with or just uninformed about recent changes to
smoke.io UI. Since then we have seen a decline in the number of posts on our tag #curationbro because many don’t know they can add them. Tags are still possible just in a bit different way. While making a post now the only option you got is a main tag/main category but simply by adding in the text of your post #sometag its possible to add more tags/subcategories to your posts. On this day the total payout on the #curationbro tag is 31.918,621 SMOKE, which is very nice! :D


During these 75 days we have seen post worthy sharing and deserving of every upsmokes they got, today we want to highlight those authors that deserve your attention, because of their informativeness, quality and originality, use this as an examples to help you make your content better, get more engagement and of course more upsmokes.

Also to keep our feed with high quality we decided to follow only users that we promote this way. Big thank you to everyone mentioned that you came here on Smoke and that you invest your precise time and bring the true value to this platform. We dare to say that you guys have bigger responsibilities because we consider you guys great examples and that you will help new members and those that are here for quite some time with advice and answers through communication channels (discord, telegram, etc.) and/or in the comment section below posts.

The first person that we want to highlight is @goldedawne, she’s been around since day one pretty much always active with daily posts and engaging with others in the comments. She is a grower with plenty of plants of experience behind her. If you are a grower also or want to learn more about that you should check her out because you can get more info about certain strains, ways of growing and other then that, get to know her and engage in her content.
Here you can see the current progress with her plants.

We also want to highlight one of our witnesses and believers in smoke @skylinebuds, constantly hosting contests and encouraging other users to promote smoke.io on social media by rewarding them with SMOKE. If you want to earn some SMOKE and help out smoke.networks spread, be sure to check him out.

One of our earliest supporters and a great designer @mbj is another active member of the community and can help anyone that needs some kind of logos, banners, post dividers and so on.

This girl @tecnosgirl has started with super contests that as awards include stuff that's related to weed and smoke promos, also on her wall you can enjoy the #nugporn posts with the experience of the author herself

The first man @enjoyinglife, who started daily or almost daily publishing videos alongside the company of a joint while talking about his smokey thoughts while promoting smoke on dtube.

Another user that sticks out of the crowd is @offgrid, with his passion and work to spread the awareness about smoke.io and to recruit as many new users as possible, he is an artist that paints in his cozy painting studio in the attic. On his account, you can also find a variety of content so be sure to check this guy out. Thank you for your efforts man :D


Our current rank on the witness list is 20, thank you all for the huge support!
We missed 19 blocks since the start, early 17 missed blocks because of some inexperience hiccups but its been running smoothly for the last 2 months since then and we hope not to miss any in the future.

Recently we changed our host from SSDnodes since their TOS prohibits the use of their servers for “crypto applications” and can terminate their service without notice if they detect such activities. We chose to transfer over to Vultr services and our specs didn’t change much with 2vCPUs, 4GB of ram and 60GB SSD with monthly bandwidth of 3TB. Also, we don’t currently have a backup node but it is soon to come.

And yeah, thank you @roelandp for this really handy telegram notification bot for missed blocks, should definitely help us to react faster if we get some problems with our node.

Keep on Smoking!

If you would like to support us, vote for our witness @curationbro
Google Docs for our new members!
Join our Discord Channel!

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Thanks for the highlight @curationbro.. Your team has been one of the most effective, with zeal and consistency ....keep up the good work and keep helping the smoke.io ecosystem to grow.


Of course man, we admire what you are doing for other users :)

Our current rank on the witness list is 20

Well deserved honor to have you as a leading witness!

And thank you from the bottom of my heart for the mention! I am pleased and honored to be on this platform with ALL of you... you're an extension of my family, to be honest.


Thanks girl, you deserve it! If there was a content creator list you would be close to if not the #1 :D

Great work and congratulations to everyone mentioned here. You are I belive and many would agree what is the embodiment of Smoke and what it stands for. Once more. Great Work.


Thank you for the compliment! :D We hope that the Balkan community you are trying to build also lives up and we will be helping out when we can of course.


I hope so too. It's hard getting people really interested in smoke specifically. They either don't have time to do that or don't want to.

Thanks for the mention.... I had to relocate my studio and indoor garden to the basement since it’s now way too cold up there. (-30 Celsius here today) The Full Spectrum lights are keeping me toasty....


No problem man, we appreciate what you are doing for the network. Wow -30 sounds really cold, we are bitching about it here while its like -2 xD

Congrats on the milestone and to everyone mentioned, it is well deserved! This is why I love this community. It's like a second home. I wake up every morning and run straight to the computer to see what good content has been posted as I drink my coffee. Keep up the good work everyone!


Thanks @macman45 its nice to hear that this place can be a part o someones routine, it means we are doing something right :D. Of course these are not the only authors that deserve attention we just picked the ones we enjoy the most. We hope in the future to promote even more great content creators. Keep on Smoking! Cheers :D

Better milestone check than most ICO's this year xD
Smoke on!


hahahaha good one mate!

In any case, I will be happy to follow and support you. greetings from Germany good smoke and a nice evening. :-)

You guys made one of the best communities on smoke. Kudos to you and keep up with the good work!


Thanks man, we believe that smoke is already the best community in such a short period of time.

Thanks for the information on how to do more than 1 tag! I'l be giving it a try.

We miss you @enjoyinglife and your awesome content!
Where are you bro?!
Smoke on!