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Hi Smokebros!!!

Today we bring you a rare story of human kindness and struggle against a deadly disease.

A few days ago a man in Croatia was convicted of growing cannabis for illegal purposes and sentenced to 2 years in prison. Nothing new, right? Well, no, this one is a bit different. Huanito Luksetić is a man fighting his multiple sclerosis with medicinal cannabis and he has been an activist for medicinal cannabis for many years.

Unfortunately in 2014 he was arrested for growing cannabis and making cannabis oil by the police. Since then he was fighting for his freedom and for rights of terminally ill people in Croatia. Shortly after his arrest he said in an interview: “Please let me live like a human being.” Medicinal cannabis is legal in Croatia at the moment but poorly made laws and high prices have made it almost impossible for sick people to get their medicine.

As all things legal in Croatia go, nothing is fast and so his sentencing came a few days ago. The court decided that he was guilty for growing 11 plants of hemp and making cannabis oil as they thought the amount was much too high for personal consumption. Unknown to the court cannabis oil is expensive to produce and requires vast quantities of hemp.
Yesterday, people of Rijeka gathered in public to support Huanito’s struggle.

He and his lawyer appealed to the ministry of justice and in a moment of true human kindness the president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović decided to pardon Huanito and save him from serving for a crime, a crime which he committed by wanting to live.

We hope this story inspired the Croatian government to further work on making medicinal cannabis a reality for all the people who need it to live.

Thank you for reading and as always, smoke on!!!

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Awww!! People of Croatia should
fight for the legalization of at least medical marijuana, many people like Huanito Luksetić needs it to survive.


Couldn't agree more, we'll be making a more detailed post on the whole subject and Croatian drug enforcement laws tomorrow so stay tuned... Also, medicinal marijuana is technically legal but it's almost impossible for people to actually get it because of bureaucracy.

I just want to state that President did this only because of PR and votes. She and her party are right wing, with clear despise towards cannabis.

so sad. soon, the world will be a different place. One legalization at a time