Escodex Exchange - BTC for SMOKE

6 months ago


Hello dear smokers, I hope you are going to grade here in this great cannabis network, Today I want to talk to you about an exchange which offers you the opportunity to exchange BTC for SMOKE.

Escodex Exchange


The community is still in full progress and has integrated a new exchange of smoke with this fantastic exchange that has a great interface and uses the blockchain technology of bitshares. It provides a blockchain wallet service where consumers and merchants can make transactions with multiple digital currencies.


In addition to being able to exchange smoke for bitcoin, it offers a more accessible buying and selling opportunity for all, the exchange of escodex has a minimum withdrawal and deposit of 0.200 SMOKE unlike the 100 SMOKE of RUDEX Exchange. This allows small transactions for all users, with this you can buy and sell small quantities of SMOKE and send it to your account in a very easy and secure way.



  • Allows trading in pairs of popular altcoins.
  • Decentralized, trade can not be stopped or censored.
  • Secure funds, your money stays in your wallet.

Taken with SAMSUNG SGH-T599N by @chester

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There's SMOKE but there's also RUDEX.SMOKE on the BTS DEX for trading 👍


Perfect, I do trading for RUDEX.SMOKE in rudex, promoting the SMOKE market. Although the minimum deposit and withdrawal of RUDEX makes it difficult for some users to join the SMOKE trading.