Hypocrisy Is Alive And Well In Canada!

4 months ago

This may not come as a surprise to many of you, I know you can smell the bullshit a mile away!

In today's "news" here in Toronto, ON, Canada I find a nice little message from the York Regional Police proudly  talking about how they seized 1.7M worth of illegal Cannabis candy. Yes you read that right...CANDY! This is NOT how are hard earned and stolen tax dollars should be spent. We have violent crimes, we have terrorism, we have insider trading and embezzlement, you know REAL CRIMES TO SOLVE!

How do the police and and media frame this one..

 Police later conducted searches at a commercial property in Vaughan and at the Baldwin Street dispensary and allegedly seized cannabis products including “gummy bears, chocolate bars, lollipops and cotton candy.
”Investigators said the products “look no different in appearance than similar products made and marketed to children.” Source

Oh but it's for the children they say! This could get in the hands of children.. 

2 quick things to point out, 1 I have never seen a dispensary market anything to children and secondly take a look at the video below of the cops haul, you can clearly see each product is labelled to show it contains cannabis, and I can see written on the packages "Keep out of reach of children",.. I have never seen this on a can of vodka cooler..hmm.

"Public warning"..more like public tease if you ask me!

Take a look at this stash, it's a bit sad, those Shatter Bars have me drooling a little,..and that cotton candy!

The hypocrisy is that Alcohol is marketed right in the face or the ears of children all the time. Listen to the radio in the car I hear ads for Strawberry-Watermelon Vodka coolers. You remember being a kid and drinking some of these shitty coolers, it's a perfect intro into booze. Hard mikes lemonade, ya had a few of those in my early days.

The shift isn't complete, and I really shouldn't expect it to be at this point. Police are still pulling in tax dollars to make criminals out of those making cannabis products,.. sounds a lot like prohibition to me! 

Stay safe out there, and enjoy your weekend!

Until next time...

#Edibles #prohibition


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That's an understatement, eh!
Blame Canada!
Blame Canada.gif

Shocking. Edibles should be legal, no legal dispensary is going to sell to children & adults should lock up their drugs like they would alcohol or liqueur chocolates.


Well said.


exactly this! and there has to be more important work these cops can be doing..?!?

Pretty sure The cops are working directly for the large Government Licenced Producers ..... Canopy, Aurora, etc etc .... blame Trudeau. It’s all about the money money money.


essentially they are,.. good point.


Its getting worse in Vancouver aswell. Raids and shutdowns all over. The absolute highest license fee in the city. Higher than a bar or casino. How does that work? The city council says it's "to help pay for the cost of the new program".


The Liberal Government is the new Mob Boss man. Pay them lots of Stock Options or get Completey Crushed.