Poetry: No title # 8 Unpublished poem

last year

Photo by Store Nguyen on Unsplash.

"The point is, it's hard to let fairy tales disappear; Almost everyone has a small hope that one day he will open his eyes and see that they have come true. "
― Grey's Anatomy

How did I get to you?
If you don't get close.

They watch us often,
And we agree,
That falling in love is not an option.

We inhabit different silences,
Though you think it's funny
That I like even your shortcomings,
It may be special to ignore,
Not even daring.

But in what world do we really live?

There's a escabrosidad I can't decipher,
And I have no idea how to break this silence,
When he says goodbye.

Cathy Haack.
Unpublished poem

Grateful to all communities for their continued support of our Hispanic family.

I hope you liked it.
Thank you for visiting/reading me.
See you next time.


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I think non-cannabolic poetry is off-topic as a category, not news. And if about smoking, then it will most likely be art to be chosen.


thnaks darling

I will upvote you because you are part of CS, and these new updates might be confusing, but please, as gentleman before me mentioned, use right tags.


Thanks darling @psyceratopsb