Cannabis biscuits, cannabis drinks... Go to this country, take the wrong snacks and get in trouble if you go home.

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One year after the legalization of cannabis in Canada, on October 17, Canadian cannabis snacks such as cannabis snacks were officially legal!

According to Canadian federal regulations, since October 17, cannabis edibles (marijuana snacks), cannabis extracts (marijuana extract), and cannabis topicals (marijuana supplies) are officially legal. These three types of cannabis derivatives, nominally include biscuits, candies, beverages, ointments, essential oils and cosmetics.

According to data from Health Canada, consumers can see these new cannabis products in the mid-December, in physical stores or online stores.

Cannabis candy, ordinary candy, is difficult to distinguish

Cannabis food is a food made by extracting the active constituents of cannabis plants (THC, a psychoactive compound in cannabis) and cannabinol (CBD) by certain methods, such as chocolate and cookies. Usually the effect lasts longer than the method of directly smoking cannabis.


Canadian federal regulations stipulate that foods such as confectionery, baked goods and beverages can contain up to 10 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol per package, while extracts and topical items can contain up to 1 gram of tetrahydrocannabinol per package.

And the packaging of marijuana products must be solid color, must be marked "prohibited for children"; must identify the symbol of cannabis containing THC or CBD; the packaging and appearance of the product must not be made into a style that can attract young consumers, can not be similar A form of dessert or candy advertisement appears and does not indicate that the product is any help to health.

However, despite the regulations and restrictions on products, in practice, there is no difference in the appearance of cannabis snacks and the children's favorite snacks on the market.

According to the Sing Tao Daily, Canada, some people have compared marijuana candy with ordinary candy:

In the photo, the two on the left are cannabis candies, and the two on the right are ordinary candy on the market. Once they are out of the package, don't say children, even adults may not be able to tell.


According to a new report from Deloitte Certified Public Accountants (Deloitte), the market value of cannabis products in Canada can reach $2.7 billion annually, half of which will be the cannabis food market.

A recent survey of 2,000 Canadians by Deloitte showed that since the legalization of marijuana in October last year, Canadian consumers are buying a variety of cannabis products from legal cannabis stores, including dried cannabis, hemp oil, cannabis plants and seeds. Wait.


Truss Beverage Co., a joint venture between beer giant Molson Coors and hemp producer Hexo Corp., is about to launch a canned cannabis beverage portfolio in December this year, including minerals injected with CBD ingredients. Water and beverages containing THC ingredients.

Another company that announced its entry into the cannabis beverage industry, Fluent Beverage Co., is a joint venture between Anheuser-Busch InBev (the parent company of Budweiser), the world's largest beer producer, and Tilray Inc., a British Columbia marijuana company, which was first expressed in December. CBD beverages will be introduced, but formulations containing THC have not yet been developed.

The Chinese Consulate General in Calgary issued a reminder on the 18th to remind Chinese citizens to identify cannabis food and avoid misunderstanding Chinese laws.

The Consulate General reminds that Chinese citizens visiting the local area need to fully understand the dangers of cannabis products, understand local regulations on the purchase, possession and consumption of cannabis products, identify the Cannabis Health Warning Messages and indicate whether they are marked. The content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), etc., to avoid the uninformed purchase, possession, consumption or carrying of products containing cannabis into the country, thus violating China's relevant laws and regulations.

Why is Canada promoting the legalization of marijuana?

In June last year, the Canadian Senate passed a bill to legalize the use of marijuana (recreational marijuana).

Four months later, on October 17, 2018, local time, marijuana for entertainment was officially legalized in Canada, becoming the second country in the world to legalize cannabis for entertainment nationwide after Uruguay.

On the 26th of the same month, the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto sent a letter to the Chinese citizens in the district on the issue of the legalization of marijuana in Canada. He solemnly reminded the majority of Chinese citizens in the region, especially the majority of international students. In order to protect their physical and mental health, please continue to avoid contact or Use marijuana.

The English name for recreational marijuana approved by the Canadian Parliament is Cannabis, an officially selected vocabulary and a generic term for the marijuana family from Latin, including three types of marijuana in botany.


In terms of use, cannabis can be divided into industrial cannabis, medical cannabis and recreational cannabis (drugs).

With the advent of drugs such as heroin and ice, especially in recent years, the more harmful synthetic drugs continue to innovate, making cannabis no longer the most effective drug. However, because of the ease of cultivation and processing of cannabis, it has become the most popular and cheapest drug in the West, and it is known as the “drug of the poor”.

In the United Kingdom, cannabis is a Class B (secondary) drug. If the marijuana is caught by the police, it will be decided according to the seriousness of the case. If it is warned by the police, it will be fined, and it will be sentenced and sentenced to imprisonment.

However, those who support the legalization of cannabis emphasize the history of human consumption of cannabis for thousands of years. This view has been supported by many young people, especially many star figures in the entertainment and sports industry who have taken the lead in smoking marijuana and even other drugs.

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