TrippyContest Reminder and Quick Recap

7 months ago

We are entering the last hours of the TrippyContest, co-organized by @betgames witness and @cannaweedness.

As there’s still some hours available to submit a post, or a creative trip story - not a story about a holiday trip, those aren’t the trips we’re looking for -we want to use the opportunity to highlight the excellent submissions received so far.


If you’re still working at your submission, fear not. I’m pretty sure both teams will be open to also consider slightly late submissions. Although depending on your level of joys experienced by that famous Whooshing sound a certain degree of arm twisting may be required. Figuratively, obviously.

Recap of Submissions

The Most Intense LSD Trip I’ve Had by @chiraagnd.
Unsurprisingly the first submission to the #TrippyContest came straight out Goa, the Indian area beloved for its Goa Trance and psy-scene.

Go check out the typical Anjuna trip one can experience there.

How I Became One with the Forest by @zuculuz.
An excellent read and a story which everyone who hasn’t yet read it should totally read.

Because hyperbole is not something this author resorts to, you should totally take everything at face value and ... why are you still here and not reading zuculuz’s post right now???

That Was a Trip by @realkiki85.
It is tempting to say that indeed, that was a trip and while that may seem too easy a recap summary for us, without apologizing for it we are going to introduce realkiki’s post exactly that way: it is what it says on the tin.

And that was an amazing tin to experience.


If I Could Turn Back the Time - Acidic Story of Marin, Lucy and me by @psyceratopsb.
Again, without resorting to any hyperbole this type of stories is exactly what we hoped to read for this contest. The fourth entry to this recap makes the whole initiative a 4 out of 4 experience so far!

You know the drill... if you haven’t yet go check it out.

A Princess Takes Us Flying by @mellymel.
A first entry by lesser known Smoke member @mellymel and an interesting experience to read.

A Day at the Beach by @mellymel
Clearly Smoke newcomer nelly Mel was that excited about the contest they didn’t submit just one entry but posted two experiences for the #TrippyContest.

Of course, we as a crew couldn’t be more excited about such eagerness.

Get Those Late Submissions in Before They Become Late!

There’s still some time to submit your trippy experiences and win up to 250 SMOKE additional rewards for your post/creation. I think it is safe to say that everyone on smoke wants to read more of those awesome stories, discover more unknown Hunters, and explore also creative artistic trip stories.

@betgames witness and @cannaweedness, as well as the whole Smoke network look forward to your #TrippyContest contributions.

Winners Annoucement

Next post in the TrippyContest will be @betgames when they announce the winners of this first contest. The first of many more to come.

Hunter S. Thompson photos via NYPost and Killing the Breeze.



Consider voting for cannabis first witnesses. Each vote matters and is thoroughly appreciated. @betgames and @cannaweedness are proud signatories of the @witnesscharter.

You can cast your witness vote here.

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Awesome, few posts I haven't seen. Something to read before bedtime.

All of the entries are trippy af :) Really cool contest. I need to work on my writing skills though :p I assure you, the next one would be good!


That can be countered by smoking more. Preferably a nice 1:1 hybrid. The more you smoke the more “af” you find the story.

Next contest will most likely have a different brief though. 🦇


Lol that's true :D

Will keep an eye to know what it is!

Arg not sure i will finish, Spent last 3 days learning html css js, haven't spent any time on my story 🙄


There’s still some hours. Not many but enough to craft a story.

Several even. 😁


I have it written pretty much, Lets see if I can get it done to my likeness


Do it. I [unnamed] can also tell you from experience that the more you smoke... the better the story reads and the more amazing you find it. At least as long as you’re not hitting the bong or vapo with +20% THC. 🦇

Congradulations to everyone here as well. I read the other stories and I can see people really like to write here and had some pretty interesting pychedelic experiences. I wish all the best of luck to all my fellow contestents.

Each story has something that surrounds us, continue traveling

Thanks for posting the submissions. It is always nice to find good content rec'd by others!