Introducing Cannaweedness, Your Cannabis-first Witness

2 years ago

After having enjoyed our initial time on SMOKE, Raz and Unnamed decided it was time to step up and put our foot where our mouth is and contribute more to the Smoke network than we currently did.

Because that’s what we do, we decided to drag known Steem community developer Eonwarped in our complicity as well.


Cannaweedness, Your Cannabis-first Witness

We strongly believe that maintaining the central [content] focus of the SMOKE network on cannabis will be key to the future token value and strength of the network. As a team operated witness, we will thus focus on supporting and rewarding cannabis related content and initiatives.

We are long-term DPOS fans and contributors and believe in the distribution power of DPOS-based social media and the decentralization of the network and its community.

Keeping with the spirit of the Smoke network, our focus will mostly be on supporting and curating topically related content and creations, and its creators.

The Cannaweedness 7

1. Love what you do.
2. Never stop learning.
3. Simple is beautiful.
4. Work hard, play hard.
5. You get what you pay for.
6. When you talk, we listen.
7. Respect your inspiration.

The Cannaweedness Trinity: Who are we

Talented and working for one of the world’s largest tech companies, but not in sales nor HR, @eonwarped has contributed several accepted PRs - pull requests - to Steemit’s condenser. He is mostly known as a true DJ - Discord Jockey - and the parent of @dopal, one of the dogs of Steem. We often blame him for all weird outfits dopal can be seen in at times. He does deny any responsibility though and usually tries to divert our attention by pointing at his mad cooking skills. In a previous life eonwarped also operated a community focused bidbot, but decided soon after he preferred to support and fight for more organic distribution methods of Steem’s reward pool.

Most Smoke participants already know @raz, the gentle orca, who loves reading, commenting, and writing posts without TL;DR. Aside from writing multiple thousands words each day, mostly around personnel development, Raz is also interested in the DPOS rewards mechanics and its gamification principles. But that doesn’t mean he loves bidbots, au contraire.

Lastly, @unnamed is the online veteran in the team and has on and off been online since the early 80s. Yes, last Millennium that is. He is a former blog network manager, and founder of the then largest recipe search engine. Neither could compete with Google but the lessons learned saw him subsequently become a startup mentor and advisor, as well as angel investor in the local scene. He once used a bidbot and still feels dirty about it.

What to Expect from Cannaweedness & Server Specs

As we start this new venture, we have opted for the known DPOS hosting provider privex for our initial setup.
We currently are operating a 8GB RAM dual core 2.3Ghz machine, and will upgrade as required, always staying ahead of the curve. Our actual server is EU based, but we may switch to a Las Vegas or Canada based server in the near future.

Expect us to soon also look into, and setup, a fallback solution hosted in a different location.

As a witness we will use our stake to support the awesome creators on the Smoke network and to support decentralized developer initiatives.

We appreciate and are grateful for each witness vote and will work and contribute hard to deserve each received and prospective vote.

Stay tuned for more to come soon. Until then...

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Consider voting for cannabis first witnesses. @cannaweedness is a proud signatory of the @witnesscharter.

Each vote matters and is thoroughly appreciated. You can cast your witness vote here.

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Thank you for setting up a witness and above all that you're into it not only because of the rewards, but because you love what this project stands for and you want to contribute for the growth of the community!
You get my witness vote! :)


Thank you and much appreciated, @cannabis.

We have loved this community so far and we have high hopes. We all believe in the power of distribution and want to support everyone deserving as much as we can.

Without promising too much, we have several initiatives already to further increase how we can give back and even pay it forward. 🤘

I’m always the supporter of “Community of the Cannabis , by the Cannabis, for the cannabis 😉” Welcome @cannaweedness team , you got my vote and my wife’s vote 🙌😃


Awesome! Thanks both of you :). And thanks for your help with my random witness (weed-ness :D) questions. I'm lurking around myself but it seems to be quite a nice group in here. Cheers!


Thanks you, to both of you! Much appreciated!🤘

This will surely make a great witness team, I'm optimistic on what this union and its project will bring for and the cannabis industry at large, great work!


Thanks, man. Highly appreciated. We will do our best and work hard to deliver! 🦇

Let's vote now!


That, Sir, that’s music to our ears and its clip to our eyes. 🦇

Vote shall be given!


Thank you, kind Sir! 🤘

You're welcome to the platform, it's great we are growing. 🌱


Thank you, @princeola. And thanks for being “that deciding voice”. 🤘


Indeed. Always growing!

done ✔️


Thanks, @draemon. Much appreciated! 🦇


Thanks very much! 🤘

Thank you. Voting for you as witness.


Thanks, @smokeyjay001! Much appreciated! 🦇

@Raz & @Unnamed
This is a great news.
Thanks for setting up @cannaweedness.

I am sure that you will do all your best for the growth of Smoke community !


You got my witness vote !

Thanks, mate. Much appreciated. Lots of ideas abound and coming up rather soonish even already.


such a nice GIF Lord !!! eye catching :D 🔥

Awesome, will look forward to our interactions in the future and thanks for everything The Cannaweedness Trinity have, and will do. Bong on bro. :-)


Thanks, mate. As they say so eloquently... the ride starts now. Once again.

Good luck, voted for you as a witness!


Thanks, @satoshiweedamoto. Looking forward to how you’re going to keep us entertained with your memes. 🤘

Great news man :)
I wish you luck and will certainly cast my vote.


Thanks for the support, mate! Much appreciated!

Excellent. You have my Vote.


Thanks, man! Much appreciated! 🤘

Hi! I am sure this community will benefit from your new witness. Welcome! I am looking forward to more innovations and good deeds of your team. Just voted for you as my witness.. some friends will follow!


Thanks, @indaymers. We will work hard to continue deserving your vote. 🤘

WOOW, cool you guys are on the block aiming to bring real value to this network. How are witnesses at Smoke elected? Can we as users vote for you guys? When yes, please provide the link.

EDIT: voted!


Yup, same method as on Steem.

And yes, we’re taking this platform, and that witness thingamingy, serious.

Thanks for the support, much appreciated! 🤘

Wish you good luck and happy 2019 :D

Keep up the good work and...

Smoke on!