Smoke Free or Die, 21+ Cannabis Passes in New Hampshire

3 months ago


I was away from the blockchain when my state voted YES on recreational cannabis shops. I'm amped that New Hampshire is taking the first steps forward to leaving the dark ages and joining the states with 21+ shops.

It's still a good ways away and still needs to pass a few hurdles but things are looking really good for New Hampshire and cannabis legalization. In a state with the motto " Live Free or Die" I think it's kinda crazy I ever needed to worry about smoking pot.


New Hampshire is just one of the MANY states falling to the new wave of 21+ states all turning green. Cannabis is bringing in so much profit to states that adopt the 21+ model, it's becoming hard for the states to say no. States love things that make money.

New Hampshire controls all hard alchy sales in the via state run booze shops. These shops are 100% tax free and people flock from all around New England to shop in New Hampshire. I wonder if NH will be awesome enought o give us tax free smoke ! One can dream, time will tell.

Either way, I'm just happy the process is starting in my local state. I'll keep you informed as it evolves.

Till next time. keep smoking


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The motto really mean the way of life we should adapt, very true ..


I agree broskies ! =)

Does the bill contain a #growyourown option?


Yes, I forget the exact terms but they home grow is part of the bill

Interesting article and photo.


Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for reading =)