Massive Cannabis Bust in Western Australia.

5 months ago

I just found this news report on a massive illegal cannabis crop seized in Western Australia. It's a couple of months old, so I don't know if it's been posted on earlier.
Sourced from: 9 News Perth.

It's good to see all us Aussies can now sleep soundly with all that dangerous cannabis being destroyed so it can't be used to treat sick and dying children.

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Thanks for stopping by, Bong On Bro. :-)

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😭😭😭😭😭 seriously stories like this make me cry

They just need to legalize it too. USA is the best lol :)

so sad!

This is horrid, I Think this shaw tho that people are going to stand up to the and still produce some good cannabis for you in AU


Hey the government is just protecting us from our evil weed!!! our weed is deadly and your is for medicine they must be different cannabis. Bong on bro. :-)


Yeah, I don't see how some places think it is fine and others have a way-way different view


It's just shitty government control freaks that think they know what's best for you or have some other agenda, and will destroy countless lives for shits and giggles or money. Bong on bro. :-)

this is such a bad news..

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I dont like the report, I think this ban on hemp is dumb AF since hemp based products built most countries from the ground up with rope clothing and such... poverty the world over would be easily ended if we returned to Hemp as a predominant crop to stop this drag race into global destruction of life on this planet