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all tech followers, I'm here to share with you new news about the blockchain world. In the world of blockchain, which holds new ideas every day, everything runs very fast. I continue to share innovations with you so you can keep up with new technology and projects. To manage your investment properly, you must follow the market very well. Investing is not an easy task, you will lose if you do not show the interest that is needed. If you spend only a few minutes every day reading my article, you will have the opportunity to get to know promising good projects in this market. The name of the project that I want to introduce to you today is Tokoin. With its new ecosystem, it wants to solve the problem of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) and make it grow faster.

Why Are Micro, Small and Medium Business Important?

Although economists and banks are not aware of this fact, MSMEs are in fact the main factor that shapes most markets and fosters the economy. Right where brilliant ideas are born. In fact, when you think wisely, even large companies like Amazon and Apple were micro-scale companies in the past. Two projects that were never considered by people at that time are the two main projects in this sector. They started their business in small rooms and garages, and today most of the economy includes bright ideas that have started in the garage and small rooms. If small scale companies are not supported and closed adequately, it will cause unemployment and the economy to collapse. This store plans to create a trading ecosystem that will contribute to the development of small scale companies and support companies with real goals.


Below this is the ecosystem structure of Tocoin which may already be very clear
These are the users involved in the business activity of Tokoin. MSME as the data provider, submit their transaction data activity through Tokoin dApp. Tokoin process and validate the data into valuable asset. Partners can acquire the data by staking TOKO tokens.

TOKO Token

Tokoin’s platform issues TOKO on the blockchain as a means of interaction between participants. TOKO is used as an incentive when a participant in the ecosystem submits transaction data and validates the data. Also, it is a prequisite for using certain services on TOKO’s platform, including the business insights service provided by Tokoin. For service providers, TOKO is used for accessing advertisements and transaction data of MSMEs. With more and more participants using Tokoin’s services, the participants will have to stake and/or use the Tokens to use Tokoin’s platform, and this later raises the price of TOKO.
TOKO is generated by ERC-20 tokens and can be converted onto certain main net protocols if the team decides that it is necessary.This way, TOKO will be converted into new tokens based on the new protocol.
As Utility Tokens, the usage of TOKO Tokens is supposed to be within the ecosystem. MSMEs use TOKO Tokens to build credit scoring that can be used later to access business services. Partners, such as financial institutions, use TOKO Token as a prerequisite for accessing MSMEs’ data and information.


  1. Tokoin’s Platform
    Tokoin is an autonomous system that manages data distribution and provides rewards for data contribution within the Tokoin’s ecosystem. Tokoin is also an incentive tool that determines the value regarding to an activity.
  2. Buyers
    MSMEs as product buyers contribute as data providers by submitting transaction information into Tokoin’s platform. Data that they provide include KYC information, transaction details, and business operation details.

TOKO Incentive Pool
The participants who contribute their activities in Tokoin platform will receive TOKO as an incentive. These incentive will be rewarded from Tokoin incentive pool, and the incentive pool will be gathered from additional token issuance, platform usage fee, and reserve pool.

  1. Financial intermediaries
    As one of the main actors on Tokoin’s platform, financial intermediaries will be able to capture reputable MSMEs’ digital identity to perfectly tap the real market by sorting MSMEs’ personal rating and type of services they are looking for from financial intermediaries, e.g. amount of loan.
  2. Sellers
    They are recognized as product sellers and distributors that market their products to MSMEs. By paying for TOKO Tokens, sellers obtain targeted advertising on Tokoin’s platform.
  3. Service Providers
    Providing business facilities for MSMEs, service providers can also place their advertisements and offers on Tokoin’s platform, specifically targeting the MSMEs that meet their criteria.

Tokoin has emerged as an exemplary project in the Indonesian market, and a lot of it can be credited to the main man behind the project, CEO of Tokoin, Reiner Rahardja. One of the leading businessmen in Indonesia, Rahardja has made his reputation as one of the country’s top entrepreneurs with an unparalleled knack for innovation and technology.
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