When will N.J.’s new laws on vaping and severance pay take effect?

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2 months ago

Vaping has been in use for a long time. Its craze is increasing among adults and youngsters. But, there are some modifications made in the vaping laws. In this guide, we are going to talk about the changes made in the New Jersey vaping laws and when they will come into effect.

The vaping laws are going to change in New Jersey which can affect your life. The government of Phil Murphy signed dozens of bills. In decades, this session has been the most productive. Let’s know about the Murphy laws which are approved in the last few days and when they are going to be implemented.

  • Ban on Flavored E-cigarettes

This vape news is for all the vapers out there and specifically the ones staying in New Jersey. New Jersey is the first state to vape ban permanently on sale and distribution. This is done because its use has killed 60 people.It has been seen that the customers buy e-juice which is very expensive which makes them go bankrupt.When it will come into effect?20th April

  • Compulsory Severance for displaced workers

Under this law, large employees need to pay severance to the employees who have to lose their job. The employers who are working with 100 employees must give a 90-day notice before doing large layoff which includes more than 50 people. Also, the workers should get severance for one week.When it will come into effect?In Mid-July.

  • Parking tax in the big towns

The 6 largest municipalities are going to charge a 3.5% tax on parking. Although, this law is not compulsory and the money collected with this will be used for pedestrian access.When it will come into effect?Changes will come into effect right away.

  • Electric vehicle Incentives

Shoppers are going to save $5,000 on electric vehicles. This is done to increase the electric vehicle count. Additionally, the demand for public charging stations. For the in-home charging equipment the rebate of $500.When it will come into effect?Changes will come into effect right away.

  • No smoking allowed at outdoor drop-off areas

At the New Jersey airports, smoking is not allowed at the outdoor drop-off areas as it will be considered illegal. This is the latest change for making the city smoke free which also includes beaches.Additionally, the use of second-hand smoke is also prohibited which can come inside the airport premises.When it will come into effect?The law is going to come into effect in June.

  • Restriction on toy guns

Under the new changes the use the realistic toy guns have been banned. This is done because 2 boys aged 12 and 13 shot themselves thinking that they have toy guns. Selling the guns with the same color and look is against the standards. So, sellers need to be careful about this.When it will come into effect?This change is going to come into effect right away.So, these are some of the changes which are going to come into effect. These changes have been made for safety reasons and to make people more aware of what is right for them. In case, you want to know more about vaping laws and vaping products then you should talk to the professionals for better understanding. 

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