World’s Biggest Legal Cannabis Producer Just Imported First Legal Batch of Licensed Medicinal Cannabis

last year

Yes, that’s not a typo or a title written when high as kite: the world’s biggest legal cannabis producer has just received its first batch of legal CBD oil from Canada and first bulk shipment of flowers from the Netherlands for medicinal use.

Of course, everyone aware a little of the landscape of legal cannabis knows that this can be but the United Kingdom.


Loathed for its roll-out of legal medicinal use, which is even worse than New York’s legal medicinal program, the UK now received a shipment of legal cannabis oil from Aurora Cannabis, who have been licensed to import their products for medicinal use.

If only doctors would also prescribe it.

The latter was of course not an issue for Aurora to grab the spotlights.

“Being one of the first Canadian companies to commercially supply cannabis-based medicines into the UK under the new legal framework reflects Aurora’s ability to do business in international markets that have complex and evolving regulatory systems”
Neil Belot, Chief Global Business Development Aurora Cannabis in press release

At the same time the UK received a shipment of 800kg of flowers from Dutch company European Cannabis Holdings, exported under control of the Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis.

The imported flowers are of the Bedrocan Flower Afina and Bedica Flower Talea strain, both which were developed to treat a superficial range of conditions including Multiple Sclerosis and chronic pain.

The UK the Biggest Legal Cannabis Producer?

When looking at the stats the UK is often overseen as a large producer of legal cannabis but British Sugar operates large greenhouse grow operations of industrial scale in Norfolk. According to a report of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), the UK produced 95 tons of legal cannabis in 2016, accounting for around 45% of the world’s production.

The cannabis produced is used by GW Pharmaceuticals Epidiolex, which has been approved in the USA as a treatment for epilepsy seizures.

The irony, in true British manner, is that British Sugar was licensed to produce and export cannabis before the UK medicinal laws were approved. As such, when the UK laws were rolled out, there was no local producer in the country yet.

The UK’s medicinal program has hit the not only because of the NHS’s position on cannabis, but also for being ridiculously expensive due to the lack of local supply and need to import flowers from the Netherlands, which clocks in at $1,000/month for affected patients.

At least, doctors can now actually prescribe available products.

“The fact that we are now in a position to write prescriptions that can actually be fulfilled is a huge achievement. Patients no longer need to worry about how they can access their medication, which will mark a positive step change in their journey and finally provide the relief that they are looking for, and we can now finally provide.”
Dr. David McDowell, member Medical Board of European Cannabis Holdings

Anybody knows how long 800kg of flowers would last in a country with a population of 66 million inhabitants?

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