The “Craigslist of Weed” Offers Free Medical Marijuana to Government Workers during Shutdown

6 months ago

With Trump’s shutdown now firmly rooted in history and still no end in sight — or State of the Union Speech for that matter — estimated 800,000 government workers continue to be furloughed or have to work without guaranteed compensation.

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As the news have reported always more in recent days, the shutdown is starting to affect ever more departments, national security, and obviously also the budgets of affected workers.

Luckily for government workers who depend on medical marijuana,, a medical marijuana marketplace, has stepped forward and is offering government workers who can not afford their medical doses anymore free MMJ while the shutdown continues.

“I don’t think federal employees are getting enough love and support, in these tough times, we want to extend the offer of a donation of medical cannabis to any federal worker affected by the shutdown”
Brad McLaughin, CEO

According to The Hill BudTrader is working with legal assistance in order to guarantee that each marijuana donation to federal employees will be “confidential and compliant with California Cannabis adult use laws and regulations”. Affected government employees will be able to claim the maximum legal amount of cannabis.


The company first announced the news via its Facebook account.

If you wanted to try out a new MMJ supplier, maybe this news and offer to furloughed government employees is a great reason to check out and try out one of their many strains.

The initiative is one of many since the shutdown started. Crowdfunding website GoFundMe recently announced more than 1,500 campaigns had been launched on the platform. International support has also been noted with Canadian air traffic controllers sending pizza to their American unpaid colleagues.

Not sure “Cannada” — to respect its more zeitgeist appropriate new name - was trolling the USA with socialism or just good hearted support among colleagues without attack on the capitalist state.

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This is huge news for them that are being FUCKED hard by that moron.

It is great to see what the cannabis community will do for each other. I bet no big pharma would EVER do this to help support each other.

On to the pizza I think we just didn't want to see anyone go hungry at trumps hand.

And what is ever better then a pizza (besides a vegan pizza of course😁)


I bet no big pharma would EVER do this to help support each other.

Lol they'd increase prices if anything.


Depends the addictive factor. But then again, most would be addicted before the shutdown already so there’s no win in free distribution for OxyContin and their ilk.


That would cause more harm... dam I am shocked they did to get more addicts


This the kind of stuff Big Pharma does. And yes, of course, it’s opioids.


😂 so very true

Well im glad to see tat during the Americalipse someone is helping those who need help with their medications.

Good post shared dear