State University New York to Offer Course on Growing Marijuana

7 months ago

NY Governor Cuomo has merely introduced his budget, including revenue from legalized adult use of cannabis over the next three years, or the State University of New York (SUNY) has jumped on the [band]wagon already and announced that they will offer a course on growing marijuana soon.

PhD. Marijuana Grower, I can see that on my biz cards, yes.

Photo via Pixabay

SUNY Morrisville hopes to be able to develop in time to offer the course later this year, for the upcoming Fall Semester ‘19.

We're an ag[riculture] and technical college. Our job is to train the workers that are on the ground in the workforce and that's our goal, that's what we're doing. So if these jobs are going to be there we need to make sure our graduates are the ones filling those positions.”
Jennifer Gilbert Jenkins, Assistent Professor of Agricultural Science SUNY Morrisville

The course seems to develop mostly around growing hemp, which would serve many since the Farm Bill passed and the college doesn’t have any plans to actually start planting cannabis crops. Instead they will focus on working with hemp, allowing students to understand the science behind growing.

"They want students who went for horticulture or similar environmental majors because they understand plant growth, they're not just hiring the guy who was growing in his basement for 10 years, they want the people who understand the science behind it."
Howard Rice, Instructional Support Associate for the Horticultural Department at SUNY Morrisville

Ambitions for the program are high and Jenkins said to WSYR “We need to be the institution people think of when they want to learn about the industry”.

Yet, that PhD. Marijuana Grower on those biz cards may take a little longer because the initial course offered is a Minor, the Cannabis Industry Minor and will definitely become an asset for those who graduated as recruitment and farming in the USA will pick up massively with the current pro-minded zeitgeist and always more favorable legislation.

Here at Alibi HQ we aren’t that convinced about a Minor in Cannabis degree tho.

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Here is a course i would love to take and i would be sure to make a really big effort to be the n.º 1 of the class...afterall when we study what we like, its always more easier :)


Here’s thinking those who graduate and enter the sector will grow at huge scale. Not sure I want to be the one curing all those buds.

I'd rather hire the person growing in a basement for 10 years. I'm sure they would be just as knowledgeable if not more.


I think both have a totally different goal.

The course is an agricultural course and thus focused on growing at scale (outdoor and in large greenhouses). Not on who can achieve highest electricity bill by producing most lumens.


Lol. Why do you sound butthurt? Not that I commented to start a conversation but experience is experience. It takes nothing to scale knowledge to a smaller or larger application. But, yea, good response bruh.


Considering your use of the term, I doubt that you know what butthurt is and could this jump to the conclusion — or assumption — that I am butthurt because of your comment. plonk

Knowledge applied for indoor lights using growers is probably entirely different than that used by large scale farmers who rely on natural lights. The basics are the same but the actual applications are totally different due to entirely not similar setups.

Both are different demographics and with that comes different specifics. Maybe you should actually consider taking the course. 👌