Snoop Does What Snoop Does, Also Miley and Walmart - Potculture & Slow News Day

last year

Some days are utterly boring and nothing happens. Even not in cricket, well nothing else than England getting royally trashed by Australia in the Ashes. But that in itself isn’t newsworthy.

Some days things get even worse and we go through a so-called “slow news day”. Pot lovers we are, of course, we then all want the same and, more often than not, we get lucky and the Snoop saves the day.

I’m sure you all can relate about what the Snoop caused now. There’s days in life when absolutely nothing happens and then all out of sudden, there’s a celebrity you love next to you and they do something you normally should refuse but you just can’t. Right?

Been there, bought the ticket, licked the stamp and posted the envelop.


Snoop Passes the Blunt

Alright, alright... maybe the above never happened to you and that’s fine. We don’t judge here at AlibiHQ, ‘s all good man.

But a lucky security guard was luckier than you — see what those slow news days do us — and was treated by Snoop on a session of puff, puff, pass. Basically, yet another session of Snoop does what Snoop does.

Of course, if Snoop passes you the blunt... then you smoke it. HR department be darned!

click the image to see the video on Instagram

Of course, we are on blockchain here and we wouldn’t want to force anyone to go and visit the oh so evil Facebook-owned Instagram. What will all that dopamine, right? So we did embed a .gif of Snoop passing dah blunt at the bottom of this post. But ya should totally visit Instagram though... for rights issues aso.

Of course, here’s hoping that over at the security guard’s HR department they have some understanding of potculture, and maybe even a drop of sympathy, because as everyone knows... when Snoop passes ya da blunt, ya smoke da blunt.

You can always get another job but it may be the only time in your life that Snoop passed you the blunt. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In fact, we totally think that any Admin of any country — especially the Chosen Ones — should totally order every HR department to insert a new First Rule to their guidelines:

When Snoop passes ya da blunt... ya smoke da blunt.

Miley Comes Clean... or Something Like That

Still powered mostly by England chasing a ridiculous number of runs to save the test, and The Ashes - don’t count on it - we have to resort to reporting news which we would rather not admit in public, let alone on an immutable blockchain, but we’ve previously claimed that Val Kilmer can act so I guess admitting that we’ve taken a liking to Miley Cyrus may not be the worst thing we’ve ever done here at AlibiHQ either.

But, let’s be clear about things, alright... it’s merely a very brief liking and one for reasons not as obvious as they may seem.

No, the reason is definitely not Miley admitting that at 17 she ripped a bong. Or it isn’t the main reason we’ve taken a liking - albeit a very minor and super temporary liking - to her.

Miley on Walmart on Twitter

Obviously, the sole reason we’ve taken a very, very small liking to her is that because of her bong ripping she never did anything as stupid as promoting an evil corporation like Walmart.

You go, Miley! 🤘

That .gif You Scrolled All The Way Down For :P


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I got a weird thing with #MileyCyrus going on myself #fangirl


But do you... ah nvm, I will leave that question to the sexists and mysogynists.

lol is that a cop? epic

I love the security guards reaction like "hell yeah, why not." he lives by the rule when Snoop passes you puff. Miley once said that Noone smoked as much cannabis as her. Snoop, Willy, Chong existing proves that to be false.


When Snoop Dogg passes you the blunt you don't say no.


You don't say anything. You just take and toke.


Think that guard ever smoked before? Am not so sure about it. 😂


With how quick he took it even if it is snoop Dogg I think he has. Hahaha or if it hasn't that's one heck of a first smoke story.


❤️ sex, 🛑 sexism

opportunity of a lifetime

When Snoop passes you the blunt, be ready to have a good smoke.